The Music of the Spheres

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Book4.png The Music of the Spheres is a book by Phineas Alcarin. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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The Music of the Spheres
by Phineas Alcarin

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The Music of the Spheres is a very slow melody which has been an inspiration for many composers and bards. However the entirely unique sound could never be copied due to the lack of an instrument that could imitate it. But what exactly is this music and what are the spheres? 

The world has been proven to be flat, like a buckler. The water of our oceans is spilled in immensely huge waterfalls over the borders and only by the power of the Gods is there guaranteed sufficient water for us to live. Sometimes, in places where the earth is very thin, small holes may appear on the surface and people are given the opportunity to look through the holes and watch the universe below our world. Then a fine, glowing powder, a weak gleam floating slowly through the ebony darkness, can be observed as it plays upon our atmosphere, or is caught up in the aura of passing meteors, adding to their weak glow and giving them a shiny, trailing tail like that of a falling star. 

At times when the powder, or stardust, attaches to the outer corona of our atmosphere, or the one of other orbs, a sound, a melody can be heard that sounds far away. High tones are dominating but are sometimes compromised by dark, deep tones. Most of the people who have heard it found it relaxing and found themselves shifted into some sort of trance. It is as yet unknown what exactly causes the sound and in what way it is related to the powder. Moreover, nobody seems to have an explanation for the 

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transcendental effect the music has on the listeners' minds and it is likely to stay that way.