The Purpose and Meaning of Life

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Book7.png The Purpose and Meaning of Life is a book by Reginald Zengar. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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The Purpose and Meaning of Life
by Reginald Zengar

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The Purpose and Meaning of Life

Asking what our purpose in life is, or what the "meaning of life" is, is pointless. Before asking ourselves if we have a purpose, shouldn't we first ask: "why should we have a purpose?". Why are we so arrogant as to assume that we have some divine purpose? To those who seem outraged by such a suggestion, I would ask you this: what is the purpose of a lamb? Many would say: to be eaten by us? So, what is the purpose of a horse? To be saddled and ridden by us? Then I put it to you that our purpose is to eat lamb and ride horses!

I over—simplify, of course. However my point is that we do things with intention; we tame and saddle the horse in order to ride it, so for us, the purpose of the horse is indeed to be ridden. But we are wrong to then look for intention in things we see around us. The purpose of the horse TO US is to be ridden, but that is not the purpose of the horse, to the horse, or to anything else. Similarly, we look for the purpose of a mosquito and we are annoyed that we see none. The world does not fit us; rather we just so happen to fit into this world, and because of that, we survive. The same is true to both the lamb, the horse and the mosquito.

Don't worry about purpose or meaning. You have none but that which you make for yourself.