The Tome of Skills

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Book3.png The Tome of Skills is a book by Thom Alingson. It can be found in at least three different locations in Erellor, Korlayra, and Timar.


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The Tome of Skills
by Thom Alingson

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The Tome of Skills

The Guilds of Learning may teach us many things: wondrous spells, majestic feats, and how to wield them safely. But the knowledge of how to use a spell is not enough. Using different weapons and spells uses different skills. For example: if a page practices with a longsword, their skill with swords will increase. If an apprentice practices nature magic, their skill with nature magic will increase. And of course, a page will always be quicker to advance in physical-combat skills, whilst an apprentice quicker to advance in magical-combat skills.

Training in the Guilds of Learning or even with a companion is not enough however. To truly master a skill, it takes much time and effort. And it is in the heat of battle that we improve our skills most quickly; where the air is thick with dust and magic, with our hearts hammering in our chests. Using more difficult spells and feats will also teach us more of a skill, as they require more effort to perform them.