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Female Wizard.png Male Wizard.png
Many years of study has made these students of magic masters in their art. However wizards must often plan their method of attack carefully, as they may have to build up their strength to use their most powerful spells, however this also allows them to harness some more unusual and arcane magics which defy understanding by the other magical classes. A skilled wizard may choose to rain down upon his enemies with destructive powers of great force, or to take a more subtle approach, by paralysing their enemies or even cloaking themselves from the view of unfriendly eyes.

Abilities and Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Price
Light Light.png 10 + 0.1/s Support A soft ebbing light surrounds you, lighting your way in the darkness. Press hotkey once to activate, press again to deactivate. 1 500
Pebble Missile Pebble missile.png 15 Nature Raise a pebble from the ground and propel it towards an enemy. 2 500
Swift Strike Swift Strike.png 20 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to your current combat target with slightly increased damage (+15%). This ability resets the auto-attack timer. 4 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Quickshot Quickshot.png 20 Distance (Global) Quickly shoot 2 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed. 6 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Sprint Sprint.png 30 Support Increased movement speed (+25%) for 6s. 24 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Fire Fist Fire fist.png 30 Destruction Conjour a ball of flame around your fist and hurl it 5 sqm in the direction of the targeted tile, dealing immediate damage and inflicting burning on any it passes through. 4 500
Magic Shield Magic Shield.png 50 Protection Select a target to protect with a magical shield which blocks a set amount of damage for 8 seconds. 10 500
Cursed Ground CursedGround.png 50 Nature, Destruction Curse the ground around a targeted tile within 5 sqm, for 2s. Any creature that enters the area is dealt damage over time and reduced magical defence (-15%) for as long as they remain inside it. 20 500
Channel Energy ChannelEnergy.png 50 Destruction For 3s, channel destructive energy towards a target. The closer the target, the higher the damage inflicted. 10 1000
Heal Heal.png 60 Protection Regenerate lost health, and instantly remove the effects of poisons, burning and bleeding. 6 500
Condemn Condemn.png 60 Destruction Mark a target, inflicting damage on them whenever they move. After 4s, or when the ability is cancelled, deal final damage based on target missing health (+1% damage per 1% HP). 20 1000
Orb Pulse OrbPulse.png 70 Destruction Shoot out 3 waves of destructive orbs in the direction of the targeted tile. Each orb that hits a target deals damage and slows that target (-10%) for 2s. 10 1000
Retribution Retribution.png 70 Support For 6s, every attack against the caster slows the aggressor (-20%). The caster's attacks against aggressors apply additional damage (10-50% of triggering damage) after a brief delay. 16 1000
Absorb Absorbb.png 70 Protection, Destruction Conjure a shield to absorb a percentage of incoming damage for 8s. Drain nearby enemies of health over time, each tick adding to the shield (+5%) and granting caster MP (+5MP). Cancelling the shield dissipates its power around the caster. 15 1000