.. the mysteries of a continent shaped by magic, steel, and blood. Solve its greatest quests and riddles, and meet its inhabitants; both the loved and the loathed.


.. bring this troubled world to life, and help to shape its future. For the gods may one day be generous and benevolent, but maddened and furious the next.
Phobos is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG),
set in a medieval fantasy world


.. on your own terms; persue the fantastical as a magician, harden yourself into a melee juggernaught, or become a deadly master of ranged combat.


.. the world of Erasan. From the plaguebearers of Korlayra, to the quagwyrms of Eastebb; Erasan is home to all manner of strange, terrifying and wonderful creatures.
Epic battles: Test your skills in challenging fights against powerful enemies!


We recommend downloading and playing through Steam to make the most of these extra features:
  • Improved account security
  • Access to the in-game store
  • Automatic login
  • Automatic client updates (without your antivirus getting in the way)
  • Automatic account creation
  • Community discussion boards

If you really don't want to use Steam..

Then you may download the
zipped standalone client:

By downloading/installing/using the Phobos client, you are accepting the Phobos Rules, Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Fluid combat system: Experience fast-paced and intuitive combat with responsive controls!
Terms  of  Use  -  Privacy  Policy  -  Rules

Terms  of  Use

"We" (Myth Entertainment and Phobos staff), hereby grant "you" (the user), a non-exclusive license to Phobos services for personal use in accordance with the terms of this agreement. By using, downloading, installing, or otherwise interacting with any Phobos services, you are accepting the following terms of use. In doing so you state that you are either of full legal consenting age in your respective location, or that a parent or legal guardian is providing their explicit acceptance of this agreement on your behalf.

"Phobos services" includes the Phobos video game and any other game, application, software, documentation, website, forum, any form of communication or correspondence with Phobos staff or Myth Entertainment staff, and any other product, service or associated media that is officially recognised by Myth Entertainment as being a Phobos service, including any copies, adaptations or derivative works of Phobos services.

This agreement encompasses within in an acknowledgement and agreement to our Rules and Privacy Policy. As such you should review these additional documents before accepting these terms of use.
  • 1. LOCATION OF FULFILMENT AND VENUE. Any actions related to and/or arising from this licensing agreement are to be governed by Dutch law.
  • 2. COPYRIGHT. All Phobos services are copyright protected. You agree not to decompile, disassemble, decrypt, modify, or otherwise reverse-engineer any Phobos services.
  • 3. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. Without limitation, we disclaim all warranties and conditions, whether expressed or implied. All Phobos services are released on an "as is" basis, without warranties as to their continuous, secure operation, nor to their non-errorous and fault-free performance. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently shut down or modify any Phobos service, for any reason, at any time. The user assumes the entire risk of using any Phobos services by accepting this agreement.
  • 4. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Without limitation, we cannot be considered or held liable for any loss or damages occurring as a result of or in connection with any Phobos services. "Loss or damages" includes, without limitation: loss of profits, data, accounts, characters, player information, statistics or items/inventories as a result of server malfunction, downtime and/or any gameplay alterations or faults which may be associated with Phobos services. All users are responsible for the security of any accounts and email addresses they hold and computer systems they use, Myth Entertainment disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damages caused by the compromisation of these items.
  • 5. ACCOUNT OWNERSHIP. Any Phobos service materials, such as user accounts, characters, items and any other user-associated materials are the property of Myth Entertainment. As such, we reserve the right to modify or delete any such materials at any time, for any reason. In such an event, Myth Entertainment may not be held liable for any associated losses or damages that the user may incur.
  • 6. TRANSFER OF USER IP OWNERSHIP BY COMMUNICATION. By communicating any ideas, proposals or other intellectual property to Myth Entertainment you accept that all ownership of said ideas, proposals or intellectual property be transferred to Myth Entertainment to use, modify and distribute in any way, royalty-free. Accepted forms of said communication may be via Phobos in-game chat and official forums, official Phobos or Myth Entertainment email accounts, official Phobos Discord server.
  • 7. RULES. It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Phobos Rules. It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by the Phobos rules of conduct at all times. Users breaking the Phobos rules make void their right to use any Phobos services. Myth Entertainment reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any Phobos game services, by means of account ban, deletion, and/or other modification if a Myth Entertainment representative believes a player has violated one or more of the Phobos rules.
    These rules may be viewed on the official Phobos website and in the Phobos game client. Myth Entertainment reserves the right to alter these rules at any time. Although announcements will be provided to players when alterations are made to the Phobos rules, users are required to review these rules on the official site on a regular basis to ensure they remain informed of any such changes.
  • 8. REVISIONS. Myth Entertainment reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to partially or completely modify this agreement at any time with or without warning. As with the rules, all users are required to review this licensing agreement frequently to keep themselves informed of any changes. Users who object to the agreement following a revision, whether in part or in full, should discontinue the use of any Phobos services immediately. Any continued use of Phobos services following a revision will constitute your complete and unreserved acceptance of any and all such changes to the agreement.
  • 9. OTHER RESTRICTIONS. You are not permitted to export, download, or use Phobos services in any country, state, or jurisdiction that restricts their use.
  • 10. EXCEPTIONS. If any aspect of this agreement is considered to be unlawful, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, then that provision and that provision alone may be considered exempt from this agreement.

Any concerns regarding these terms and conditions should be directed towards our support team at

Privacy  Policy

This privacy policy details the data that we at Myth Entertainment collect and the purposes for which it is collected, processed and used. In order to use any Phobos services, you must acknowledge this policy and agree to its terms. In doing so you state that you are either of full legal consenting age in your respective location, or that a parent or legal guardian is providing their explicit acceptance of this agreement on your behalf.

“Phobos services” includes any use of the Phobos video game and any other game, application, website, forum, any form of communication or correspondence with Phobos staff or Myth Entertainment staff, or any other product or service provided by Myth Entertainment that is officially recognised as being related to Phobos.
  • WE COLLECT DATA. Data may be explicitly provided by the user (e.g. email address when registering an account), willingly provided when making use of Phobos services (e.g. IP address when connecting to Phobos services), or automatically collected (e.g. website cookies).
  • PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT. In order to maintain Phobos as a functional and secure service, we must collect and process certain personal data. Specifically this includes: name, age, email addresses, usernames, passwords, IP addresses, and payment information (if relevant). We do not share any of these data with third-parties, except where otherwise stated in this policy.
  • NON-PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT. We log user account and character data (including character name, stats, held items, online status, in-game location, rule violation history), and usage data. We monitor and analyse user traffic on Phobos services. In doing so, we may collect other data, such as browser, operating system, internet service provider, along with logging the pages and time that you visited each page. These data, whilst not inherently personal, could be combined with other data from an external source in order to identify a person as the user of the account.
  • HOW WE PROCESS & USE DATA. We process user account and usage data in order to provide Phobos services and perform the terms of use, to help optimise and improve Phobos, and to ensure adherence with the Phobos rules and policies.
    We may process and publish character data (including character name, stats, held items, online status, in-game location, rule violation history) via the game by itself, the official website and public APIs. We believe that publicising this information is an essential part of community development and enhances the individual and overall player experience.
    We reserve the right to monitor communication across Phobos services, such as in-game public chat channels, as, when and for as long as we deem necessary, and to collect and process communication data from these services. We may log passages that are pertinent to rule enforcement, terms of service adherence, and to our nurturing of a cordial game environment.
    Users may subscribe and unsubscribe to receive marketing emails, such as notifying players of an update or an upcoming event, via an option in their account settings in the in-game client, or on the official website. We may process user account data in order to target these emails to players who are most likely interested in them.
    Users will still receive non-promotional and account-critical emails, such as those required to create an account, processing payments, responding to enquiries, and security notices such as those relating to suspicious account activity. In addition, given that Phobos is currently in beta development, all existing Phobos account holders will receive a notifying email on full public release.
    To ensure that we are able to provide and improve Phobos as a service, we collect personal data relating to any support requests, complaints or other communications that we receive. This includes any identifiers provided by the user(s) in question (email address, username, Discord username, etc.), and the content of any communications. We may further process said content for support and staff training purposes, and anonymised extracts of said content may be shared publicly for purposes of player information.
  • DATA SHARING EXCEPTIONS. Any relevant data may be passed on to law enforcement authorities in instances of suspected criminal activity involving that user.
  • RIGHT TO ACCESS, RECTIFICATION OR REMOVAL OF ACCOUNT DATA. To request access, rectification or deletion of your data, you should contact us via email at You will be required to satisfactorily prove ownership of the account in question. Deletion requests will only be accepted if the data in question is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, as such, data associated with banned accounts and users may not be eligible for deletion. All accepted requests will be actioned within 28 days.
  • CONCERNS & COMPLAINTS. Any concerns or complaints should be directed to us via email at:
  • POLICY CHANGES. MMyth Entertainment reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Any changes to this privacy policy will be announced via the official website at

Any concerns regarding the privacy policy should be directed towards our support team at


By creating an account and/or playing the online role-playing game Phobos and/or downloading/installing/using the Phobos client software, and/or continuing to use or view this forum, you are accepting the following official Phobos rules. Please note that the name restrictions are only for in-game character names.


    Keep in mind that misspelling, adding or removing characters, using abbreviations or alternative spellings does not exempt names from these restrictions, neither does violating any of the rules below in a language other than English.

    You may not use character names which:

    a. Contain nonsensical letter combinations, or contain partial or full sentences.
    (e.g. Yoplmfsid, Doyoulikeapples)

    b. Are similar to those belonging to a Myth Entertainment staff member or show any other apparent intent of impersonating a person of official position.
    (e.g. GM Timmy, Guardian Jane)

    c. Might be considered to be insulting, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, nationalistic, homophobic, sexist, hold any otherwise objectionable connotations, or make undue reference to a particular sexual orientation.
    (e.g. Matt the Stupid Moron, Helena Homosexual)

    d. Names which reference real life in the form of well known people, characters, locations, groups, establishments, trademarks, religions or any objects, names or titles which might be considered out of place as character names in Phobos’ medieval fantasy environment.


    You may not:

    a. Abuse unintended game bugs or faults.
    (e.g. Exploiting a bug which allows you to duplicate items very cheaply)

    b. Abuse limiting aspects of the game’s design
    (e.g. Blocking a passageway to prevent others from passing (in a non-pvp area))

    c. Use, create or support unapproved third party software, or make modification to any of the program files.
    (e.g. Using a macro to repeat certain in-game actions)

    d. Transfer or share ownership of an account or account information with another person.
    (e.g. Allowing another person to use your account)

    e. Demand, offer your own, or show interest in acquiring another player’s account information.
    (e.g. Asking for another player's login details)

    f. Gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to another player's account.
    (e.g. 'Hacking' another player's account)

    g. Initiate in-game trades involving real-life money, objects or otherwise non-game related gains.
    (e.g. Selling your account or in-game items for real-life money)


    Keep in mind that misspelling, adding or removing characters, using abbreviations or alternative spellings does not make any statements exempt from these restrictions, neither does violating any of the rules below in a language other than English.

    You may not make statements or post content which:

    a. Might be considered to be obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive, including those holding unlawful, harmful, abusive, homophobic, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable connotations.
    (e.g. Stating that you will kill anybody from a certain country in-game)

    b. Harasses, threatens, causes distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to another user.
    (e.g. ‘griefing’ and repeated perpetrators of 'power abuse')

    c. Might disrupt the normal flow of dialogue in an in-game channel, forum thread, or Discord channel, or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users unnecessarily. This includes so-called “spamming”, ASCII ‘art’, misuse of the report function, and statements made in the wrong channel or forum.
    (e.g. Repeatedly sending nonsense messages over a short period of time)

    d. Might be seen to be an impersonation of a Guardian or Myth Entertainment staff member, or claim to have some sort of influence over a Guardian or Myth Entertainment staff member.
    (e.g. Threatening another player with banishment if they don't do as you say)

    e. Advertises content which is not related to the game or in-game trades involving real-life money, objects or other non-game related gains.
    (e.g. Offering to sell your account or in-game items for real-life money)

    f. Incites or encourages the general disregard or breaking of any of the rules of conduct herein.
    (e.g. Encouraging another player to exploit a particular bug)

    g. Uses a language other than English on public forums, or in the in-game ‘World’, ‘Help’ and ‘Trade’ channels.

    h. Goes against the advice or warnings given by a Guardian.

    i. Makes false claims which might damage the reputation of Phobos, Myth Entertainment or its staff.

Any concerns regarding these terms and conditions should be directed towards our support team at