2D massively multiplayer
online role-playing game
(MMORPG), set in
a medieval fantasy world

fire basin fire basin

the mysteries of a continent shaped by magic, steel, and blood. Solve its greatest quests and riddles, and meet its inhabitants; both the loved and the loathed.

fire basin fire basin
fire basin

the mysteries of a continent shaped by magic, steel, and blood. Solve its greatest quests and riddles, and meet its inhabitants; both the loved and the loathed.


bring this troubled world to life, and help to shape its future. For the gods may one day be generous and benevolent, but maddened and furious the next.


on your own terms; persue the fantastical as a magician, harden yourself into a melee juggernaught, or become a deadly master of ranged combat.


the world of Erasan. From the plaguebearers of Korlayra, to the quagwyrms of Eastebb; Erasan is home to all manner of strange, terrifying and wonderful creatures.


To join the beta, please follow the steps below

1. Apply for beta access by sending us your email address


By submitting your email you are accepting the Phobos Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. Wait for your email address to be added to the beta invite list. This may take up to a week. When this is done, you will receive an email confirmation. Please be sure to check your spam folder, since that's where these emails usually end up!

3. Download the Phobos client from here: Download

By downloading/installing/using the Phobos beta test client software, you are accepting the Phobos Rules, Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

4. Unzip the downloaded folder and open the 'Phobos.exe' application

5. Create a new account in the client using the email address that you provided above

6. Play!


Stability Improvements

2019 September 14th

Stability Improvements

There are few things more frustrating for players than crashes and freezes. So breathe a sigh of relief; we have now fixed the issue that has been causing all the recent freezes! Hurray!

A couple of weeks ago we fixed a logic bug that caused crashes when someone disconnects while there was still data on the network. Today, more good news for stability: we've fixed the cause of the recent freezes!

The cause of the freezes turned out to be the way that we handle disconnections. If a player lost connection to the server and didn't try to rejoin, then their character just stayed in the world. The server just keeps trying to send data to the 'disconnected' character, but when it can't, it just fills up a buffer with that data. After a few minutes, this buffer fills up, and that results in a long freeze.

So our fixes for this are twofold:

  • Prevent freezes in cases where the buffers are full
  • When a player loses connection, the server now waits 4s before forcing them to logout

We chose a 4s delay before auto-logging out players because there's a delicate balance needed here. We want to avoid unnecessary player deaths as much as possible, without disconnecting people every time their wifi drops for a second, especially for players on slow connections. We also have to consider the potential for abuse. So 4s seemed like a good starting point.

We'll be looking to you players for feedback on its adjustment. So please do join us on our Discord channel, to discuss this with us and other players.

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Balancing Patch
Mages Need Love Too

2019 July 21st

Magicians Need Love Too

Mages have had a hard time until recently. This update should bring some extra well-needed TLC for mage players. Namely, faster skill learning, and reductions in monster movement speed and monster defence.

The speed of skill progression has been intentionally been set very low during Phobos beta. However, with this patch you'll find that the rate of skill advances has been increased somewhat. Hurray! This will particularly affect the progression of magic skills, but will also have an impact on lower level physical combat users.

Monster movement speeds have also been given an overhaul, with almost all monsters' movement speed getting reduced by about 10%. The hope being that this gives mages a slightly easier time when kiting. We'd be interested to hear how much of an impact this change makes, so please let us know on ghte forums or Discord.

In addition, we've reduced the magical defence stats of many higher-level monsters. You told us that this was a problem; so hopefully these changes should improve things.

Finally, various abilities have been given some tweaks. Siphon in particular, was overpowered in its previous form. It's still a very useful ability, but we've dialled it back slightly. It was meant to be risk-reward, but before it was mainly just reward.

Static Shot has also been given a tweak here; raising its base damage but increasing its cooldown. It still provides the same slow, but now has a bit more 'oompph', so that it's not just thought of as a utility ability.

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  • Added more server-side logging for when certain crashes occur


  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make physical skill learning slightly faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 60)
  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make magic skill learning considerably faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 65)


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Skull totem is no longer moveable


  • Static Shot damage increased by about 20-30% (depending on when damage is inflicted and number of targets)
  • Static Shot cooldown increased from 5s to 8s
  • Siphon replenished mana is now calculated based on base monster experience instead of level. This will only change the behaviour of this ability on certain special monsters that have much less experience than their level would usually provide (e.g. Sirl 'clones')
  • Siphon now only refunds half the mana worth of the ability (25 MP) instead of the entire amount, if the ability kills the target
  • Siphon now gives additional mana equal to 3x the level of the targeted monster, instead of 2x, if the ability kills the target (actually it did this anyway and the ability's description was wrong)
  • Siphon cooldown increased from 10s to 12s
  • Condemn description of cooldown corrected
  • Light ability now gives off a larger and much brighter light


  • Reduced base movement speed of (almost) all monsters by at least -10%
  • Orc Hunter HP increased from 320 to 480
  • Orc Hunter movement speed increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter magic and physical defence increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter damage increased (especially distance)
  • Orc Hunter poison chance lowered, but will always proc on their first hit (which means more damage from poison)
  • Orc Hunter will no longer try to maintain distance between you, unless on low HP
  • Sirl Imparo magic defence reduced from 380 to 330
  • Sirl Imparo Clone magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Ferorn Morphis physical defence increased from 220 to 260
  • Ferorn Morphis magic defence reduced from 370 to 340
  • Witch Freia magic defence reduced from 370 to 320
  • Witch Rosice magic defence reduced from 350 to 300
  • Witch Keka magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch physical defence increased from 160 to 180
  • Helina Floretty max HP increased from 480 to 560
  • Helina Floretty magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Lord Volent magic defence reduced from 270 to 230
  • Protectorate Knight magic defence reduced from 250 to 190
  • Gloptoad Vomit given an 'invincible' flag, this will prevent most training on it (this is a temporary fix)
  • Wiralof attack speed reduced by -11%
  • Wiralof attack damage reduced by -6%
Post-Update Tweaking

2019 July 11th

Post-Update Tweaking

Stability improvements to prevent crashes. Map bug fixes. And various other minor adjustments all now live on the public server.

Thank you all for the feedback over the last few days, and thank you in advance for discussions we are yet to have! We've had various minor patches over the last few days that have been combined into one here.

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  • Fixed issue with blood splatters dropping on top of other map object layers
  • Fixed issue which caused a crash when trading between players
  • Fixed issue behind most of the DOS-based crashes. This has been the cause of 90% of the crashes on the server in the last few weeks. Rejoice if this fix works. If not, we'll have to implement something more drastic.


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Made path north of Queensbridge to PvP testing area at The Four Hearths Inn
  • Started to add some extra paths in Eastebb marshes. The idea with the marshes is that you should be able to pretty much just walk roughly in the direction you want to and you'll get there. So if you're in the centre of Eastebb and you want to go to trolls, just walk northwards.


  • Increased base damage of power strike splash damage


  • Witch HP increased by 100
  • Witch magical and physical defence increased by 10%
  • Witch boss healing rate fixed
  • Witch boss attack speed increased (further changes will be coming!)


  • Increased restock rate of bank NPC currency
  • Added ammunition to NPC Flynn Silvr in Drifton
Summer Update
Eastward To The Sea

2019 July 6th

Eastward To The Sea

It has been a while, but a content update is finally here! With this update we bring you the wide drowned river basin of Eastebb, the small settlement of Driftop, new abilities, new monsters, bug fixes, and more!

The wide drowned river basin of Eastebb is the described by some as the drain of Aerath. Its putrid waters are home to a number of slimy creatures, including frogs, swamp trolls, gloptoads, and even witches. The wardens of Eastebb also warn of recent sightings of orcs in the area, but it is unclear how much of a threat they currently pose.

A small settlement called Driftop perches precariously on the south-western edge of this wide expanse of swampland. Once purely a military encampment, Driftop now acts as the southern gateway into and out of Eastebb.

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There are new abilities for Wizard, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer and Knight, along with adjustments to several existing abilities. Together these should help some of the most major class balancing issues that we have had in the past.

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  • New area: Eastebb
  • New town: Driftop (previously referred to as Tereth)
  • Two PvP testing areas have been added. The main one at The Fourth Hearth Inn, which you can find north of Queensbridge. Death loss is currently disabled for any players who die INSIDE a PvP area. Note that this is specific to location, NOT whether it was a monster or player that killed you! And keep in mind that player damage over timer abilities (e.g. Virulence) are NOT cancelled on entering a non-PvP area.
  • Minor adjustments to a few boss/quest areas (incl. Ferorn, Emposian Shield quest)
  • Old references to the small village of "Wellwatch" in North Milthorn have been changed to "Queensbridge"
  • Lots of map bug fixes


  • New ability icons - not all of them are perfect matches for their ability, but no abilities should ever share icons anymore; please report any that do
  • New ability: Siphon (Wizard) - Inflict high magical damage on a target within 3 sqm. If the ability kills the target then the caster is refunded the MP cost of the ability, plus MP equal to 2 * target level
  • New ability: Static Shot (Ranger) - Imbue a projectile with a static charge, dealing instant damage and slowing the target's movement (-15%) for 1s. For 1.5s after the spell is cast, the static may be discharged onto one or more characters on adjacent squares
  • New ability: Impale (Rogue) - Impale a single target within 2 sqm, dealing moderate damage, severely restricting their movement (-50%), and reducing their physical defence (-30%) for 2.5s
  • New ability: Swarm (Shaman) - Conjure up a swarm of insects to surround and attack a single target for several seconds, dealing physical damage
  • New ability: Heroic Strike (Knight) - Deal high damage to a single target and additional—but lesser—damage to all three sqm in the facing direction
  • New ability: Armament (Knight) - Adopt a defensive posture for 10s, boosting your physical and magical defences (+30%), but at the cost of attack damage (-10%), attack speed (-20%) and movement speed (-10%). For the last 3s of the ability, quickly recoup 33% of your total health.
  • New ability: Meteor (Sorcerer) - Call a meteor into existence above a targeted area, where it falls and explodes on impact. NOTE: In future, there will be a short delay before the impact, allowing the damage to be avoided/mitigated, but this is not yet properly supported.
  • "Fury" renamed "Berserk". this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour, and removes potential future confusion with a future-planned spell: Enrage
  • Berserk (Fury) defence debuff reduced from -60% to -50%
  • Berserk (Fury) now deals moderate—but low-scaling—instant damage on all squares around the caster on activation
  • Berserk (Fury) movement speed buff increased from 5% to 10%
  • Deflect now provides an extra defence bonus (+25%) on casting, in addition to its existing bonus dodge chance (+50%), but both of these are reduced by half with every subsequent melee or distance hit received, and removed after 5s
  • Deflect mana cost increased from 25 to 40 MP
  • Deflect cooldown increased from 16s to 20s
  • Tracker's Mark will now also reduce the target's physical and magical defence by 15% for 15 seconds
  • "Crippling Strike" renamed "Power Strike" (wow, original!), this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) now deals splash damage to adjacent tiles at a rate of about 10%
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) no longer applies a movement speed debuff
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) mana cost increased from 30 to 40 MP
  • Swift Strike cooldown increased from 2s to 4s, and mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Quickshot mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Crippling shot cooldown increased from 2s to 4s
  • Smite now causes a brief and minor slow on tiles adjacent to the target (but not on the target)
  • Condemn minimum damage increased from 0 to 12-24
  • Condemn cooldown increased from 16s to 23s
  • Flurry movement speed buff increased from 8% to 12%
  • Flurry cooldown duration increased from 9s to 10s
  • Elemental Missile damage reduced by 10% to account for change in magical item stats (since it uses both destructive and nature magic and so receives considerable percentage buffs from multiple item stats)
  • Fire Fist now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Fire Fist instant damage increased by 20%
  • Fire Fist range decreased to 5 sqm
  • Magic Shield ability now works properly when cast on other players
  • "Fire Aura" renamed "Pillar of Fire", this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) must now be cast on a tile, instead of being auto-cast on self
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) cooldown increased from 5s to 10s
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 MP
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Ensnare is now cast on a tile, instead of on a target
  • Ensnare area of effect is now larger, with a diameter of 5 sqm instead of 3 sqm, and the highest damage/slow values applied at the central (targeted) tile
  • Ensnare slow effect maximum duration (centre tile) reduced from 4s to 3s, but damage and slow effect on outer tiles increased slightly
  • Ensnare mana cost increased from 70 to 80 MP


  • New monsters
  • New bosses
  • Giant now has a ranged "rock throw" ability which it will use if it can't reach the targeted player
  • Zombie Plaguebearer poison aura damage reduced by 20% (it's still brutal though)
  • Warg no longer flees on low HP
  • Orc Beastmaster healing against melee reduced, but increased when in ranged combat


  • Magical stats on items now act as percentage damage modifiers
  • Magical stats on wand items reduced considerably
  • 2H melee weapon auto-attacks will now train melee skills twice as fast as 1H'ers. This will help to make up for the reduced auto-attack speed and defence skill learning when using a 2H weapon. Specifically, this means that a blocked/missed 2H auto-attack hit will grant 200 skill exp (previously 100), and a damaging 2H auto-attack hit will grant 400 skill exp (previously 200)
  • Added bullets to shops in all major settlements
  • Various minor adjustments to bow stats
  • Flavour-text added to a few more items


  • Server upgraded from 32bit to 64bit. This allows us to run a more modern version of the C# runtime (one actually supported by Microsoft), and so to make use of the benefits in support that entails. We don't anticipate that this will create any new issues, but it is certainly possible., and we'll be available and monitoring the server to deal with issues as they arise. Please report any crashes—and exactly what you were doing at the time—to us as soon as they occur, either via Discord or the official forums.

2019 July 6th

New Website & Forums

The website and forums have undergone a major design update over the last few weeks. They have been gradually falling apart for the last few years—so we're sure you'll agree—this is a well-needed change.

Those of you who have been having issues with certain user administrative actions (e.g. password reset) should now find that those issues are solved. But please do get in touch if you continue to have any issues.

We will continue to make various style and design changes over the following weeks. So if you come across anything on the new forums that doesn't work or otherwise doesn't quite seem right, let us know by replying here, or via our Discord channel.

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