2D massively multiplayer
online role-playing game
(MMORPG), set in
a medieval fantasy world


the mysteries of a continent shaped by magic, steel, and blood. Solve its greatest quests and riddles, and meet its inhabitants; both the loved and the loathed.

fire basin fire basin
fire basin

the mysteries of a continent shaped by magic, steel, and blood. Solve its greatest quests and riddles, and meet its inhabitants; both the loved and the loathed.


bring this troubled world to life, and help to shape its future. For the gods may one day be generous and benevolent, but maddened and furious the next.


on your own terms; persue the fantastical as a magician, harden yourself into a melee juggernaught, or become a deadly master of ranged combat.


the world of Erasan. From the plaguebearers of Korlayra, to the quagwyrms of Eastebb; Erasan is home to all manner of strange, terrifying and wonderful creatures.


Phobos is free-to-play.

We recommend downloading and playing through Steam to make the most of these extra features:

  • Improved account security
  • Access to the in-game store
  • Automatic login
  • Automatic client updates (without your antivirus getting in the way)
  • Automatic account creation
  • Community discussion boards

But, if you really don't want to use Steam. Then you may download the zipped standalone client from below.

By downloading/installing/using the Phobos client, you are accepting the Phobos Rules, Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.


Minor Update

2021 October 31st

Post-Update Fixes

Fixed an issue with house rents, found homeless auctioneer NPCs somewhere to live, and corrected some minor monster behaviour issues.



  • Added a new 'house deed' item, which when placed in the bank may be exchanged for a full month rent instead of cash
  • Fixed bug in house rent payments that would have caused Noble account users to lose their house on the second rent payment


  • House auctioneer NPCs in Mirai and Aylestone are no longer homeless


  • Mountain Troll
    • Fixed ability warning animation
  • Skeleton Warrior
    • Can no longer use its telegraphed ability whilst in 'frenzy'
  • Goblin
    • Fixed missing walking when idle
  • Helina Floretty
    • Increased attack rate
Major Update

2021 October 23rd

Housing Update (and beyond)

Housing became such a big set of features to add and test, that we made the decision to hold off with public updates until it was done. That's why this is such a monster of an update.

Housing became such a big set of features to add and test, that we made the decision to hold off with public updates until it was done. This is why so many other changes have been included in this patch, including some that we would really have liked to have included months ago. Rest assured that from now on, we intend to release with smaller, but much more frequent patches.

We invite you to read the enormous changelog below, but we'd like to draw your attention to a few specific points as well.


One thing that we have dedicated a particular amount of time and effort into is adding more quality of life features into the client. Many UX features that players have requested are now available. For instance, you can now check your skill progress from the character info window. And instead of spending your time sorting your backpacks, there is now an auto-stacking feature that you may access by right-clicking the top of any container. Ever found NPC chats hard to follow? Now there's a channel that displays only NPC conversations to help you keep track.

These are just a few of many tweaks to the UX that we hope will make a big difference to players. And we hope you're as excited as we are with the direction things are going.


An online RPG isn't much without parties. And after popular demand, we have now added bonus experience for parties; the larger the party's size, the greater the total experience granted from killing a monster. ADding more party-friendly hunting spots is something that is going to be on our mind a lot over the next few months as we work on the next content patch.


The whole region of Eastebb is now designated as PVP-enabled. This is the first area that we're allowing open PVP; consider it a bit of an experiment.


This update also brings various class balancing tweaks. With special focus to making Knights tankier, giving Rogues more sustain, and dialing back some of the Wizard's power. We do have some big changes planned here that we are looking forward to sharing with you soon. But for now, this will help even the playing field a little between the classes.


Previously, chugging elixirs constantly was so essential that there was barely time to do anything else when under heavy attack. To help solve this, we've now increased the HP/MP restored from elixirs, but also increased the cooldown on drinking them.

In other elixir news, an antidote elixir has now been added. This should open up some areas to non-magic classes in particular, that simply weren't viable for them to hunt in.


The big change here is that monsters now have 'telegraphed' abilities. These are high-hitting abilities that the player is given a brief warning about beforehand. This gives you an opportunity to mitigate damage by dodging, or blocking it using some ability. There have been a variety of minor tweaks made here too; with balancing, clarity, and more interesting combat being the key goals here.

For the full list of changes, please see the changelog below.


Myth Entertainment


  • Added skill progress bars to character stats
  • Casting tile-aimed spells now ignores above layers (e.g. treetops)
  • The contents of containers may now be stacked/sorted automatically via the context menu at the top of a container (or CTRL-R)
  • Added auto 'select all' on count when opening split stack window
  • Added NPC channel to channel list. This channel isolates your conversations with NPCs, so it's easier to follow the conversation. Note that this is not intended to be a private channel with NPCs; all NPC inputs/outputs are still shown to other players in the main channel
  • Fixed selecting text (widescreen only)
  • Moved chat input closer to chat bar (widescreen only)
  • Removed green highlight of 'Info' channel (widescreen only)
  • Fixed bug when rendering screenshots with certain settings (widescreen only)
  • Fixed client discord link
  • Fixed negative numbers on bidding
  • Fixed bug caused by players using the same name as an existing channel
  • Increased width of avatar selection list to allow for longer character names
  • Fixed issue with pressing 'enter' in a window (e.g. split stack window)
  • Added an option to keep chats visible for those who want to keep track of channels while hunting (widescreen only)
  • Added optional display of HP/MP bars over your in-game avatar (classic client only; widescreen already had this)
  • Added optional display of status icons over your in-game avatar
  • Allow toggling the HUD display of individual status icons (RMB on a status icon with the show status indicators on HUD setting enabled)
  • Added new smilies
  • Added support for logging the contents of the Info channel, this occurs automatically after you turn it on in settings > console
  • Move single stackable item holding shift (currently only works if you hold shift after you start dragging)
  • Added support for displaying a dropdown/context menu with RMB
  • Can no longer follow monsters
  • CTRL + ALT + LMB on an avatar to open private message channel with them
  • Improve on-hover highlighting outline rendering so that it's clearer when obstructed
  • Made top panel buttons hide/show possible while playing
  • Added 'Wiki' and 'Discord' buttons/links to 'how to guide'
  • Fixed opening channels when switching between screen-modes
  • Fixed long player names in outfit window
  • Fixed crashing bug when using certain items from bank
  • Added HP/MP HUD bars for parties
  • Added multi-language support for 'How to guide'. Portuguese has been added as the first non-English language
  • Added 'Housing'-section to 'How to guide'
  • Fixed random appearance of the red targeting circle on monsters
  • Fixed some minor visual/rendering issues
  • Various minor UI tweaks & improvements
  • Various changes to info and console channels


  • Experience reduction by level is now more generous, allowing a difference in 5 levels before applying any reduction
  • Party experience should no longer be 'lost' when a party member is not there to be awarded it
  • Party experience is now adjusted according to party size (applying to party members that were on-screen of the killed creature or dealt damage to that creature)
    • Formula: 2.2 - 1.7 * EXP(-0.35 * validGroupMembers.Count)
    • Enable the console combat report to display this information whilst in combat
  • Magic defense calculation adjustments, making magic defense a much more valuable item stat
    • Magic defense from items is no longer modified by * 0.25 before being added to the total mdef value
    • Removed armor from mdef calculation
    • Removed shield 'defense' stat from mdef calculation
    • WIS effect on magic defense reduced from 1.0 => 0.6
    • DEX effect on magic defense reduced from 0.25 => 0.2
    • Formula: totalMagicDefense = 100 + DefenderDexterityStat * 0.2 + DefenderWisdomStat * 0.6 + DefenderDefenseSkill * 0.25 + DefenderItemMagicDefense
  • Made combat dodge/block formulas more consistent
  • Fixed issue with server & client disagreeing about which direction a creature is facing after moving diagonally north-east or south-west
  • Offensive spells no longer damage fellow party members when in PVP-enabled regions
  • Ranged ammo no longer taken in the PVP arena
  • Added status icon to display when your avatar has recently been in combat
  • Added status icon to display when on a tile that allows PVP


  • Quickshot
    • Fixed bug preventing casting when only one target
  • Overdraw
    • Projectile now used up on successful shot
  • Berserk
    • No longer blocks ranged auto-attacks when active
    • Active on-hit splash damage and attack speed bonus no longer applies with unarmed combat


  • Enrage
    • Stack accumulation duration increased 4s => 5s
  • Armament
    • Cooldown reduced from 35s => 25s
    • HP regeneration now based on damage taken over duration
  • Charge
    • Damage bonus is now lower initially, but increases with tiles moved
    • On-hit slow now increases with tiles moved
  • Taunt
    • Now specifically triggers a monster to try to change target when applied AND when removed
    • Re-added taunt duration combat text on player request
    • Increased range that taunter has to stay from tauntee from 2.5 sqm to 3.5 sqm. NOTE: This does not affect the initial range that you must be from a monster to taunt it
    • Description updated: "Force all monsters within 2 sqm to target you for a few seconds. Not staying close to a taunted monster may cause the effect to wear off."


  • Acute Frenzy
    • Stacks now accumulate for the first 7 seconds, with each stack lasting 4 seconds
    • Max attack speed bonus is now capped at x5
    • Stacks are no longer reset on changing target


  • Flurry
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 => 40
  • Disembowel
    • Mana cost reduced from 60 => 50 MP
    • Bleed amount calculation now takes into account equipment melee bonuses
  • Impale
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 => 40 MP
  • Bloodlust
    • HP base regen per stack increased from 0 => 1
    • Increased bonus HP regen rate by +15%
    • Regen calculation now supports decimals, with the final value calculated by rounding up/down based on that decimal. Actual effect of this will be an average of -0.5 bonus MP regen per tick
    • NOTE: Combined regen changes here is equal to a regen bonus increase of +17-21%
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s => 18s
    • Added combat text to display max regen per stack
    • Increased regen bonus by +8%


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Now cancels automatically when caster runs out of mana


  • Restoration
    • Instant self-healing is no longer applied when ability is cast on self
  • Mirror Shield
    • Fixed facing direction when diagonal


  • Retribution
    • Slow increased from -20% to -25%
    • Slow no longer stacks
  • Orb Pulse
    • Increase orb pulse range
    • Removed orb destroy-on-hit logic
    • Reduced orb multi-hit damage bonus from +50% to +10%
    • Slow effect is now also affected by multi-hit bonus
    • Fixed bug with training
  • Channel Energy
    • Distance from target effect on damage reduced such that less damage is done between 0-2.5 sqm and slightly more damage is dealt at further distances
  • Condemn
    • On-move damage from target HP reduced by 10-15%
    • On-move base damage increased from 0 => 2
    • Final damage from target HP reduced by -10%
  • Absorb
    • Shield initial value reduced from 20% => 10%
    • Initial shield accumulation increased but with considerable diminishing returns
    • Formula: currentShieldValue + (0.01 / currentShieldValue)
    • By extension, this will mean that accumulated shield has a much lesser effect on final damage
    • Default combat calculation effect on damage increased by +100%
    • Regen amount now supports decimals, with the final value calculated by rounding up/down based on that decimal. Actual effect of this will be an average of -0.5 bonus MP regen per tick


  • Virulence
    • Converted calculation of damage based on target health from a simple multiplication to an exponential, such that HP now contributes slightly less against high HP mobs
  • Doom
    • Re-applied an older change (2020 December 11th) that was mistakenly rolled back
    • Reduced base percentage debuff from 20% to 10%


  • Flash Frost
    • Now blocks movement for 2s from start of ability (after 150ms delay)


  • Added antidote elixir
  • Elixir restore/price adjustments
    • Vial HP/MP restore amount increased from 40 => 70
    • Vial HP/MP cost increased from 25 => 40 cc
    • Flask HP/MP restore amount increased from 67 => 126
    • Flask HP/MP cost increased from 50 => 80 cc
    • Bottle HP/MP restore amount increased from 110 => 169
    • Bottle HP/MP cost increased from 100 => 120 cc
  • Elixirs now restore a more consistent amount of HP/MP (within 7% of the average)
  • Elixir cooldown increased from 0.5 => 1.0s
  • Player inventories have been updated to reflect the above changes, with counts reduced appropriately
  • Added small animation when drinking an elixir
  • Bullet NPC sell price reduced from 1cc => 0.2cc
  • Throwing knife NPC sell price reduced from 10 => 2 cc
  • Equipment move speed modifiers are now displayed correctly when inspected
  • Food nutrition values are now displayed when inspected, the value is equal to the number of seconds that the item may provide your character with natural regen when eaten
  • Fireweed seed
    • NPC sell price reduced from 50 => 40cc
  • Fireweed flower
    • NPC sell price reduced from 25 => 16 cc
  • Xilis mushroom
    • NPC sell price increased from 20 => 45 cc
    • NPC buy price increased from 5 => 9 cc
  • Woodsorrel flower (ooo I wonder why this was changed, what a mystery)
    • NPC sell price reduced from 16 => 12 cc
    • Green substance added weight and updated description to help communicate that it has value
    • Fixed a few minor item/object bugs
    • Fixed garbled symbols on signs/descriptions


  • Combat report now displays experience to next skill level whenever skills are trained
  • Added new 'calculate' console commands which prints out the relevant combat report
  • Added new variable to accurately report item magic defense
  • Fixed distance combat report typo
  • Combat report now hides some irrelevant stats & decimals formatted for better readability
  • Melee attack calculation command no longer works when unarmed
  • Added missing calculation logging to monster ranged attacks
  • Console errors are now printed to console instead of info channel
  • Combat report for mdef no longer refers to "armor"
  • Combat report now lists a separate value from item mdef


  • The region of Eastebb is now PVP-enabled (with the exception of the town of Driftop)
  • Brewing tutorial area improved
    • Cap on foraged plants is now ingredient-specific
    • Fixed misleading hints on some plants when trying to forage in wrong order
    • Added cauldron hints in same style as plants
    • Corrected mentions of health 'draft'
  • Adjusted inaccessible web/spider alcoves in Shrachlor's lair so that she that can't hide in them
  • Moved Eastebb North Cape boat teleport destination on top of the non-PVP hill with the NPC
  • Replaced redundant map PVP warnings
  • Arena now has a periodic block to rejoining the arena (on a simple timer: 30s on, 30s off). This is a slightly lazy way to provide what players have been asking for with restricting rejoining the arena after death
  • Fixed various minor map bugs


  • Fixed various minor NPC bugs
  • Added new auctioneer NPCs
  • Added new NPCs to Brookton, Aylestone, and Driftop


  • Fixed various bugs and odd behaviours
  • Adjusted monster talk colors
  • Added monster ability visual feedback in the form of animations and 'talks' on/before casting
  • Archenaid
    • Increased walk around rate slightly
    • Can now attack multiple times per turn
    • Decreased base damage
  • Bear
    • May now charge at its targets
  • Boar
    • Charge ability now deals bonus damage, and resets when > 2 sqm away from target
  • Cave Troll
    • Increased chance and minimum damage from ranged attacks
    • Rocks now slightly slow players
    • Defense debuff when under 20% HP
    • Defense modifier on low HP reduced from *0.66% => *0.75
  • Ferorn Morphis
    • Healing is now on a minimum cooldown of 6s
  • Giant
    • Physical defense reduced by -7%
    • Added warning to ground smash
    • Abilities adjusted
    • Increased telegraph damage
    • Loot adjusted (no items removed)
  • Gloptoad
    • Can now poison
  • Helina
    • Gained a new bleed-causing ability
  • Knight of the Protectorate
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Reduced telegraph damage
    • Fixed telegraph aim
    • Added new AOE frontal attack which affects the facing tile after a warning
  • Maned Trow
    • Now throws pebbles when at range
  • Mordrir
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Pathing behaviour adjusted
    • Firestorm ability now affects avatars even when stacked on the same tile
    • Firestorm ability damage reduced by -20%
    • Haste increased
    • Slow increased
  • Mountain Troll
    • Experience corrected 455 => 480
  • Nysandra
    • Adjusted poison tick
  • Orc Legionnaire
    • Reduced chance of shield block triggering
  • Orc Savage
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Enters rage when under 33% HP
    • Fixed cleave ability trigger
    • Defense debuff nerfed
  • Orc Legionnaire
    • Now has a double hit ability
  • Outlaw Archer
    • Gained a new ability
  • Outlaw Bandit
    • Gained a new ability
  • Outlaw Thief
    • Gained a new ability
  • Predator
    • Reduced walk around rate slightly
    • Can now attack multiple times per turn
    • Decreased base damage
  • Rhodosus
    • Now has a cooldown on it's charge
  • Sal Cotton
    • Can now cause bleeding to players
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced default melee damage
    • Old poison effect is now a bleed
  • Shrachlor
    • Healing cooldown increased by +1s at all health levels
    • Added combat delay after heal by draining to give blockers a chance against the no-counterplay instadeath that would likely occur if another attack hit straight after
    • Damage bonus when very low HP reduced by -13%
    • Fixed LOS movement issue when target is at a certain distance
  • Skeleton
    • Gained a moderate crit ability
  • Skeleton Archer
    • Archer can cast Double Shot
    • Increased base damage
  • Skeleton Warrior
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced telegraph damage
    • Telegraph now only hits frontal sqm
    • Animation for frenzy added
  • Soil Golem
    • Increased base damage
    • Increased damage output slightly
    • Added an occasional crit with a warning
  • Swamp Troll
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
  • Volent Brod
    • Added new AOE frontal attack with warning
    • Increased telegraph damage
  • Warg
    • Can now cause bleeding to players
    • Heavily slow down players
  • Wirathistle
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
  • Wiralof
    • Added minor slow on melee damage
    • Bleeding damage reduced
    • Pounce speed increased
  • Witch
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Fixed pathing when in rage mode
  • Witch Keka
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • AOE poison damage increased
  • Wolf
    • Can slow down players
  • Wyvern
    • Ability adjusted


  • Adjusted tile preference when going up/down stairs/ladders/holes according to the direction of the stair/ladder/hole
  • Tile preference now specifically considered other stairs/holes, so you should never land on a stair or hole
  • Tile preference may cause you to be placed on top of movement-blocking objects (if there are no other preferable tiles)
  • Tile preference is now influenced by creatures (as a secondary concern over movement-blocking objects)
  • Server now rejects new avatar names which match certain disallowed terms
  • The system also supports partial-matching with these terms, but these will only be flagged up to us as suspicious (for manual review), rather than rejected outright
Major Update

2021 October 23rd

Housing Update

At last! The housing update is here. Get a house today to show off your most glorious treasures, invite your friends over to plan your next adventure, or just put your feet up and relax after a long hunt.


Seek out the local auctioneer NPC to start a new auction or to bid on an existing one. The leading bidder in an auction will be the winner after 7 days. Keep in mind that you may only hold the leading bid on one auction at a time, so be sure to visit the house before you bid; anybody can enter vacant houses to look around.

Be sure that you have enough money in your bank to pay for the auction AND the first month's rent! If you don't, and you win the auction, you will be temporarily banned from taking part in other auctions for 14 days.


Rent payments are taken from your bank at the start of the rent period, every 28 days. Not having enough money in your bank to pay rent will cause you to lose your house. To help you know whether this is the case or not, your bank now displays the current total money value that is stored inside.

House rent is determined by house size, and location:

  • Empo Sar (200 / sqm)
  • Aylestone (250 / sqm)
  • Yethil (250 / sqm)
  • Mirai (300 / sqm)
  • Driftop (300 / sqm)


When a house is vacated, all items in the house are sent to the owner's bank.


Auctioneers are judgemental people, so they will only rent houses out to Noble account holders. If your Noble account is going to run out before the next rental payment is due, be sure to top-up your account with more Noble account time to ensure that you don't lose your house.


Access the house management window via the "House" button in the top—left of the client. Here you may add and remove invitees. But be aware that invitees can use, pick up, and take any items from your house that they want! So only invite players that your trust into your house.


A whole bunch of other changes have been made with this update. But these will be covered in a separate announcement shortly.


Myth Entertainment

2021 January 7th

Development Roadmap: 2021

It has been 7 weeks since Phobos was released on Steam. Now, let's set out our plans for 2021.

There have been a lot of changes in the past few weeks since release. But we're only just getting started. Let's talk about 2021.

Please note that the order here is just to give a very rough idea of our current priorities with the biggest features. And since most of these require input from multiple people, the actual release order of these features will not be exactly as stated here.


Northern Dawn

Bringing more value to the Noble account is essential if Phobos is going to continue and grow. We also need to implement features which help to build community. Housing helps in both these areas; it gives you somewhere of your own to relax with your friends, and to show off your finest hunting trophies. It will also help to make towns feel a little less empty.

So far, we've added basic editor, server and client support for owning houses, and managing invitees. What remains is an auction system, and persistence (i.e. saving and loading items placed in a house). Needless to say, this will need extensive testing before going live, since issues here may lead to item dupe/loss bugs. It will also take some time to go around all houses on the map and define their layouts and dimensions. This is why we're working on this before other high-priority features; to give us time to fully test it properly before rolling it out.


To all those of you who live across the Atlantic and have struggled with almost unplayable latency, we hear your pain. A second server in America is on the way. There have been concerns raised that a second server with our small player-base will split the community. And with this is mind, when we add a second server, our plan is that players will be able to login to either server, whenever they like. This still splits the community, but in the softest way we can. It is likely that being able to hop between different servers will later become a Noble-only feature. But to begin with, it will be available to all.

Because of the need to be able to hop from one server to another, we're going to have to adjust the way that we handle certain things, such as connections and saving/loading avatars. So this will probably be done hand-in-hand with other changes that are necessary for another important feature: preventing logout whilst in combat.


Timari Temple

As the starting town, Timari isn't very friendly for new players, especially those completely new to the genre. Map, NPC, and tutorial changes are coming here, for sure. We have also been looking into providing a roughly drawn map for new players to help guide them on their first few steps through Timar.


Before Christmas, we fixed some of the issues with client disconnections. However, we're still getting a lot of similar server logs now. It may be just one issue, or it may be several. What we really need is more information. So please do report any apparently random disconnections that you suffer as they happen in the #bug-reporting channel on Discord, just by saying "Disconnected". We'll use the timestamps in there to compare with our logs, and may privately message some users for more information.


Balancing is an ongoing challenge for any online multiplayer game. As new items, new abilities, new monsters, and new features are added, it affects different classes in different ways. However, the key thing we're going to be looking into next here is that most classes are still lacking an ability. Knight needs a taunt; Rogue needs a lunge and another throwing ability, Shaman needs summons, Wizard needs... reworking.


This has been in the pipeline for quite a while. Erasan shouldn't be a world where heroes, dragons, and magic exists, but people of color do not. It's not a huge feature to add on it's own, but it does require coordinated changes for almost every department: graphics, client, server, database, and map editor.


We originally had this much higher up on our priority list as a post-release feature. However, it's clear to us that other things are more important. We're also aware that implementing this without some feedback will lead to a lot of annoyance for players. So when we do first implement this system, there's won't be any negative effects associated with carrying too much weight. Instead, your current carried weight and maximum capacity will be displayed in the client. This way we'll be able to collect player feedback on the capacity calculations to adjust them as necessary, before we implement slowed movement/encumberment effect for players carrying too much.


Death Loss

If you're hoping for a much kinder death loss penalty, then this might not be for you. The missing feature here is item loss on death. When we come to implement this, we'll probably also take a look at level/skill loss, and adjust it as necessary. But death should have consequences.

Loss of items is an important thing to add. It acts as a gold sink, which is crucial for the in-game economy, and tends to disproportionately affect wealthier players. It is also likely that we will implement some way for Noble accounts to insure items from loss (for a hefty fee, of course). This doesn't completely remove the role of death as a gold sink, but should make it less frustrating, as you can be sure that you're not going to lose some prized item.


Community is everything, and clans are a big part of that. Clans will provide a way to group with like-minded people: for conversation, for quests, for hunting, and if necessary, for war. Only Nobles will be able to create clans, but anybody may be invited and join them.


It wouldn't be a good move for us to enable PVP without looking more closely at class balance in PVP. There have been some major changes since release, and it's important to factor those in as much as possible. To encourage this, we intend to be work with players to organize some PVP arena events over the new few months. The more people we get involved, the more information we get, and hopefully, the more fun you have too. We will of course also be making some adjustments to the basic layout of the PVP arena to make objective-based gameplay more viable.

The longer-term plan here is that some regions of the world will be open-PVP, and others not. With some areas always remaining non-PVP, for obvious reasons. We're also considering handing over control of the PVP status of a region to the clans that control that region; with 'control' being determined by the ownership of clanhall(s) there. However clanhalls probably won't work exactly like houses, with any clan being able to buy one. But the details of this are yet to be decided.


Along with the ongoing balancing efforts, we're planning several improvements for monsters.

We recently tweaked how some monsters move around. Some of these tweaks will be rolled out for all monsters, especially those which helped monsters escape when 'trapped' against a flat wall.

New monster abilities are also on the way, especially for low/mid-level monsters. We want to make combat with lower level creatures a bit more interesting. And to use low level monsters to teach players about certain cues that are useful in late-game. These cues are also something that we're looking to improve in higher level monsters. Since many creatures have these abilities, but only a few currently give players any chance to counterplay.

More variety in monster abilities is also on the cards. Stackable status effects will be a big part of this, including poison (after we add an antidote elixir), bleeding, defense debuffs, and more. Moreover, monsters should be able to summon other monsters.


Improving the usability of the client is going to be a key goal of ours over the next few months.

Firstly, we need to improve customisation of the positioning of in-game windows, such as equipment, containers, friend list, party list, and spellbar.

Secondly, visual improvements and polish would go a long way to improving things here. For example, coin exchanges and ability shops shouldn't look the same as a general store. Different layouts and background images will help distinguish these different shop types, and make them more intuitive to interact with. Adding in-game polish is important too. For instance, smoothing of the transition when moving between floors via stairs.

Finally, some tasks, such as sorting and looting items aren't fun, and aren't engaging for players. You may have already tried out the auto-combining of container contents that we added a few patches ago. We intend to add more little quality of life features like these to improve the overall game experience for new and old players alike.


Many of the icons and associated descriptions are misleading (I'm looking at you, 'sedative'). And for abilities that rely on generating stacks, there is currently no visual communication of how many stacks you currently have.


Northern Dawn

This has been mentioned before as the next major area update. It's found to the north of Eastebb, and is home to dwarfs, golems, demons, and worse. As you can imagine, this will be an area mainly designed for higher levels. So this will serve to help a little with the current scarcity of high-level and teamhunt-friendly spawns.

Content for this area has only just started. But we'll provide teasers over the next few months as things progress.


The current brewing system is neither very intuitive nor rewarding, and there's no variety in the potions that can be created.

Right now, elixirs can be brewed only if you use a selection of ingredients that exactly matches a recipe. This allows for no creativity or variety in the potions that can be brewed. To change this, we're going to be moving the logic from a recipes-based system, to one where the individual ingredients define the potion's outcome. A healing ingredient will heal, a hasting ingredient will haste, a poisoning ingredient will poison. If you—for some reason—put them together into one potion, then you'd get an elixir that heals, hastes, and poisons. This will save us a lot of time in the long-run, since adding a new ingredient will automatically add new brewing options.

This will be balanced by allowing ingredients to cancel out different effects. Lore-wise, this is essentially how the existing recipes are designed anyway. Take the current healing elixir for example: fireweed heals, but also causes burning, cerulean mint soothes burning. Put them together, and the negative effects of fireweed are cancelled out by the mint. Tadah! A healing elixir.

We are also away that ingredient availability is patchy, and that brewing isn't properly taught in-game. These issues are on our radar, and we'll be improving them too in time.


Outfit Addons

Having a set base outfit for each class gives nearby players useful information about their allies and their enemies in PVP. However, we understand that customising your avatar is important.

So, along with the changes required for character skin tones, Alenius is also hard at work adding hairstyles and beards. On top of this, extra addons items will be purchasable via microtransactions. These include addons to the head, to each shoulder, and to the back. Addons below the waist are more problematic because we need to consider how to fix problems with them clipping through chairs when sitting down. So if we go that route sometime, it will be in the more distant future.


If you've made it this far, wow! Top marks for commitment!

Of course, there are a lot of small tweaks and improvements that we're planning, which weren't specifically mentioned here. But we can't mention everything in a post like this.


Myth Entertainment
Minor Update

2021 January 1st

Happy New Year Patch!

Happy New Year! We'll be posting a lot over the next few days regarding our plans for Phobos in 2021. But for now, here's our first patch of 2021.



  • Some of you have been with us for over a decade. Many of you also supported us early on with donations, and this enabled us to keep a server online. We wouldn't be where we are now without you. So, for those of you who donated to us or actively contributed to our closed beta development, we've dropped a very small thank you into the bank/storage: a pair of Boots of Patience. This gift is once-per email, so please check the bank of your highest level character.
    • NOTE: This was done by checking for in-game accounts associated with supporter and closed beta email addresses. There was no level restrictions for supporters, but closed beta accounts had to have a level 10 or above on the account to qualify. If you were part of the closed beta, and think that you've been missed out, please contact us on Discord.


  • Reduced the heal spam of various monsters when they have no target. Previously this could occur as much as 20 times a second. Now monsters only heal like this once a second, but at a higher rate. This shouldn't change their behaviour, but will slightly improve performance.


  • Fixed bug in Arian feather quest that caused him to repeatedly ask for feathers even after the players brought him some


  • Lower value coins are now taken first when trading/exchanging (copper > silver > gold)


  • Stairs now specifically reject teleporting players onto other stairs or stairholes
  • Adjusted offset of ladders slightly to allow for outline to surround it completely


  • Several more monsters now self heal when they have no target:
    • Archenaid
    • Giant
    • Grorus
    • Lucenfly (because they weren't annoying enough already)
    • Orc Savage
    • Sal Cotton
    • Wiralof
  • Giant (Tomb of Vril)
    • Giants in the Tomb of Vril no longer give any loot
  • Shrachlor
    • AoE damage to heal ability now also affects players (previously it only affected other monsters)
    • Ranged missile attack damage reduced by -20%
  • Mordrir
    • Reduced the cooldown reduction when taking damage from 1s/damage => 0.5s/damage
    • Increased fireball damage by +7%
  • Blowbug
    • Experience reduced from 225 => 110 (level unchanged)
  • Idle animations re-added to certain monsters
    • Wirathistle
    • Quagwyrm
    • Lucenfly


  • Short bridge added between Timari and Greenwood to prevent luring of higher-level creatures into town


  • All wand stats have been reduced significantly. Historically, giving newly-promoted mages a single item that increases their magical damage by between 10-20% made sense, because magical skills increased much more slowly than physical combat stats, and there weren't as many items with magical stats. However, we now have more magical items (e.g. Boots of Nieanah, Magician's Gloves, Dragonskull Shield, Dragontooth Ring, Stormwitch Ring, Stormwitch Talisman, etc.), and magic skill learning rates have been increased considerably since then, and it is clear that the high stats on wands are a significant factor that contribute to the overpowered damage of low-level mages. Overall, this will mean a real-world damage reduction of 10-20% for low-level mages (who initially rely on the wand for almost all their damage buffs), and a reduction of 5-10% for higher levels (who have access to better gear with other magic stats).
  • Base stats on all wands reduced from +10% => +5% (i.e. whenever an item had +10% before, it probably has +5% now)
  • Low level wand stats reduced by -50%
  • High-level wand stats reduced by -33%
  • All new wand stats:
    • Spellcaster's wand: N5, D5, P5, S5
    • Sapling wand: N10, D5, P5, S5
    • Ember wand: N5, D10, P5, S5
    • Ram totem wand: N11, D5, P5, S8
    • Amethyst wand: N9, D9, P9, S9
    • Viper wand: N13, D5, P5, S5
    • Skull wand: N5, D11, P5, S8
    • Soulfire wand: N5, D12, P5, S5
    • Winged death wand: N5, D14, P5, S5
    • Cobra wand: N15, D5, P5, S5
    • Whistling wand: N14, D5, P12, S5
    • Wildwood wand: N14, D5, P5, S12
    • Necromantic wand: N5, D14, P5, S14
    • Dragonbreath wand: N5, D16, P9, S5
    • Stormwitch Lantern: N14, D14, P5, S5
    • Plague wand: N18, D5, P5, S5
    • Vehement wand: N5, D18, P5, S5
    • Stemsoul wand: N16, D16, P5, S5
    • Tempest Lantern: N18, D16, P5, S5
    • Havoc wand: N5, D20, P5, S5
    • Maelstrom wand: N20, D5, P5, S5
    • Lantern of Nieanah: N17, D19, P5, S5
    • For the 2 players who own another wand that isn't currently on the wiki, and so has not been included here: check your backpack!


  • Fixed missing names for a few in-game decorative items
  • Dragonscale Armor
    • Description typo fixed
  • Malieran Battle Robe Leggings
    • Magic defense reduced from 4 => 3
    • Ranged damage buff reduced from 3% => 2%
  • Malieran Battle Robe
    • Physical defense reduced from 22 => 21
    • Magic defense reduced from 10 => 8
    • Melee damage reduced from 7% => 5%
    • Ranged damage reduced from 7% => 4%
  • Shrachlor's Leggings
    • Fixed bug with it not being pickup-able
  • Shrachlor's Helmet
    • Fixed bug with it not being pickup-able
  • Felhur's Dreadhammer
    • Attack reduced 80 => 77
  • Witherfear warhammer
    • Attack increased 78 => 79


  • Knight Defense skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.137 => 1.135 (faster skill learning)
  • Rogue Dagger skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.152 => 1.15 (faster skill learning)
  • Rogue Throwing skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.152 => 1.15 (faster skill learning)


  • Swarm
    • Reduced damage scaling curve slightly. Peak damage is unchanged, but the build up/down is now slightly slower
  • Virulence
    • Target damage output debuff now scales with caster's stats
    • Slowed down last few damage ticks so that ability now lasts
    • Updated description to clarify that the 'damage based on target HP' is actually only part of the damage calculation
  • Harvest
    • Increased regen scaling by stats by +20%
    • Reduced base regen/shield scaling based on damage by -50%
    • NOTE: Overall this is a big nerf, and increases the need for players to use support equipment to make full use of the ability


  • Armament
    • Increased scaling of defense debuff based on stats
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP => 70MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 40s => 35s
  • Riposte
    • Reflected damage total is now capped based on caster's defense stats (calculated defense value * 0.2)


  • Barbarous Throw
    • Mana cost reduced from 50MP => 40MP
  • Disembowel
    • Mana cost reduced from 75 MP => 60MP
  • Impale
    • Mana cost reduced from 60MP => 50MP


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Attack animation no longer displays when the target is not within LOS


  • Absorb
    • Delay between timeout warning animation and effect being removed increased 1600ms => 2400ms

Minor Update

2020 December 15th

Disconnections Discontinued

One of the causes of player disconnections has been fixed. We're aware of one other potential cause, and we're looking into how to fix that. Pushing other players up/down stairs is also no longer possible.



  • Fixed a bug that caused some of the client disconnection issues that many players have suffered from
  • We are aware of one other cause of this


  • It's no longer possible to push players into stairs or stairholes.
  • Note: it is still possible to push people into 'green-swirly teleports'...


  • Fixed incorrectly assigned action type of barrels and a few other world objects


  • Removed duplicated speed buffs/debuffs cast by various monsters. There were previously used to smooth out the speed changes. But thanks to changes to the way the client handles movement speed in the last patch, this is no longer necessary.
  • Soil Golem
    • Fixed bug that caused golem to become passive after first hit
  • Wyvern
    • Tuned how HP affects movement speed
    • Reduced speed debuff calls because it was getting called way too often


  • Orc Magus
  • Mordrir


  • Smite
    • Primary target damage reduced -20%
    • Heal fraction by damage increased +20%
  • Restoration
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 15s (NOTE: The old cooldown was functionally only 5s, since the ability's effect lasted for 5s)


  • Flash Frost
    • Duration increased from 2.4s to 3s


  • Armament
    • Defense debuff now scales with stats
    • Temporarily added a yellow 'combat text' to appear on ability casting, which shows the defense buff you'll receive (will be removed later, this is just useful for testing)

Minor Update

2020 December 11th

More Monster Defense Changes

More tweaks to monster physical/magical defense, lots of minor client improvements, removal of PVP training from the arena, and more!



  • Fixed crash caused by buying from store and disconnecting
  • Fixed potential crash caused by a certain monster ability


  • Added a new CTRL + [key] (default: Ctrl-R) option to semi 'auto-stack' a container by hovering over the container. This works by looking for similar items in the hovered container and stacking them together where possible.
  • Containers may now open with a height such that 2 rows are displayed (find this in: Settings > General > Gameplay)
  • Fixed how client handles movement speed changes (i.e. speed buffs/debuff), so that it no longer causes stuttered movement when changes are applied whilst moving between tiles
  • Added a bit of delay to movement caching to reduce the chance of moving 2 tiles at once
  • Tutorial messages now have a blinking 'I' to get more attention.
  • Tutorial messages now stay visible longer depending on their message length
  • Fix bug in rendering screenshots in widescreen-mode
  • Rearranged general settings: 'Gameplay', 'Interface', 'Esthetics' and 'Miscellaneous'
  • Adding more detail to all the setting option descriptions in 'general', 'consoles' and 'functions'
  • Removed 'Screen Status' setting which showed the red highlights around screen edges when taking damage (only applied to the old UI)
  • Removed 'network' settings window
  • 'Report' button moved into top left and links to discord
  • Coloring the new 'report' button red and the 'how to guide' green
  • On death the 'logout' button will blink
  • Added extra information to Store process to inform users on switching there driver to OpenGL if the Steam page does not popup
  • Fixed handling of 'hidden' NPCs with no name. They are now no longer attackable/followable, no longer show empty, and no longer shows ":" on speech
  • Fixed a bug in onscreen paragraphs duration of visibility


  • PVP training in the arena has been disabled. This was allowed until now in order to encourage players to visit the arena. But as many of you know, more people were using it for semi-AFK training than for PVP. We apologise for the delay on removing this.
  • A few accounts have been banned for using macros in the arena. However, no one has, nor will be, punished for using the arena simply for training. This is for two reasons:
    1. We never said that it was against the rules
    2. We don't log much data about what characters do in the arena, so it's not possible for us to determine how much players actually gained skills by this method


  • Fixed neutral monster movement when not aggroed
  • Fixed monster movement when target is not reachable
  • Mordrir
    • Now self-heals with cooldown reduced with every incoming damage hit
    • Movement around blocking objects improved
    • If the current target is out of LOS but can be reached, then Mordrir may haste to catch up
    • Reduced stat debuff whilst in 'fire breath' mode by 30%
    • Firestorm ability is no longer blocked by an ongoing fire breath
  • Shrachlor
    • Movement speed increased +10%
  • Witch Freia
    • Close range damage increased
    • Now walks randomly to escape when running away from target
  • Soil Golem
    • Movement pattern bug fixed


  • Witch Rosice
  • Witch Freia
  • Witch Keka
  • Witch
  • Nysandra Celistriel
  • Sirl Imparo (dummy)
  • Sirl Imparo


  • Archenaid
  • Brown Bear
  • Cave Troll
  • Goblin Witchmaster
  • Lord Volent
  • Maned Trow
  • Ostren
  • Outlaw Bandit
  • Outlaw Thief
  • Pisaura
  • Predator
  • Protectorate Knight
  • Rhodosus
  • Rioter
  • Soil Golem
  • Swamp Troll
  • Warg
  • Wiralof
  • Witch Freia
  • Wyvern


  • Archenaid
  • Beetle
  • Brown Bear
  • Cave Troll
  • Frog
  • Goblin Witchmaster
  • Grorus
  • Helina Floretty
  • Hill Giant
  • Huntsman
  • Maned Trow
  • Mountain Troll
  • Orc Beastmaster
  • Orc Hunter
  • Orc Legionnaire
  • Orc Savage
  • Outlaw Bandit
  • Outlaw Hunter
  • Pisaura
  • Predator
  • Protectorate Knight
  • Rhodosus
  • Rioter
  • Rioter
  • Sirl Imparo Dummy
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Soil Golem
  • Swamp Troll
  • Warg
  • Wiralof
  • Witch Keka
  • Wolf
  • Wyvern


  • Penetrating Strike
    • Cooldown reduced from 15s => 14s


  • Cursed Ground
    • Target defense debuff now scales slightly with nature/destruction skill (9% - 13%)
    • Fixed bug with nature skill not being considered in damage calculation


  • Riposte
    • Now reflects any incoming attack (including ranged and magic), but only if the aggressor is within 1 sqm (previously this only worked against monsters with combined magic/physical attacks)
    • No longer grants the caster bonus movement speed on a successful riposte
  • Heroic Strike
    • Cooldown reduced from 18s => 15s
    • Facing direction attack value increase by +5%


  • Doom
    • Base percentage bonus reduced from 20% => 14%

Minor Update

2020 December 3rd

Hotkeys, and Help for Rangers

Fixes for the client hotkey issues, tweaks to monster physical/magical defense, and a little help for the poor neglected Ranger class



  • Fixed bug with not being able to cast abilities from hotkey if bound to a symbol
  • Fixed bug where holding one hotkey down blocked others


  • After reviewing the feedback of players over the last couple of weeks, we're making broad increases to the magic defense of lower-level monsters. With magic defense increases in low-level monsters increasing by between 5-25%. Most lower-level creatures previously had magic defense much, *much* lower than their physical defense. And this has causes some serious imbalances in the early-game between magical and physical combat users. Full list of changed monsters:
    • Badger
    • Bear
    • Boar
    • Chicken
    • Frog
    • Goat
    • Goblin
    • Goose
    • Huntsman
    • Maggot
    • Maned Trow
    • Orc Beastmaster
    • Orc Bowman
    • Orc Hunter
    • Orc Legionnaire
    • Orc Magus
    • Orc Savage
    • Orc
    • Ostren
    • Outlaw Bandit
    • Outlaw Hunter
    • Outlaw Thief
    • Rhodosus
    • Rioters (all)
    • Rooster
    • Skeleton
    • Skeleton Archer
    • Skeleton Warrior
    • Snake
    • Squirrel
    • Troll Cave
    • Troll Mountain
    • Troll Swamp
    • Trow
    • Warg
    • Webweaver
    • Wolf
    • Zombie
    • Zombie Fiend
    • Zombie Plaguebearer


  • Giant
    • Change target chance reduced by -50%
  • Wyvern
    • Change target chance reduced by -60%
    • 'SHREEEE' ability cooldown increased from 4s => 8s, but this is reduced by 75% when taking damage over 150 within 0.5s
    • HP increased from 800 to 1000
    • Physical defense increased from 150 => 160
    • Magical defense increased from 150 => 175


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Increased glacial imbue ice crystal duration 6s => 7s
    • Increased glacial imbue per-crystal rupture end damage
    • Projectile custom animation added
  • Static Shot
    • Increased damage by +20%
    • Increased slow from -15% => -20%
    • Increased damage split when multiple targets are affected
  • Barkskin
    • Increased shield size by +10%
    • Shield is now calculated based on protection & nature
    • Reduced shield replenishment time from 3s => 2.5s
  • Homing Shot
    • Increased damage by +10%


  • Enrage
    • Now generates stacks on dealing damage (as well as taking hits)

Minor Update
Post-release TLC

2020 November 30th

Well-Needed Post-Release TLC

This patch bring numerous client quality of life changes, stability improvements, map adjustments to Timari and nearby hunting spots, and an end to the reign of the Shaman (maybe).

The client has gotten a lot of attention from us over the last week or so. We've fixed several minor (but very annoying) issues relating to player controls, UI outlines, and added a few nice-to-have features that have been in our todo for a long time.

Stability has also been at the forefront of our minds, and many of you have unfortunately experienced disconnections and rollbacks. To anybody who lost time and effort because of these: we are sorry. And we're doing what we can. Most crashes are caused by different things; they're often edge cases that have never come up for us before. However, one recurring cause of crashes we have seen was related to player load on the server. To counter this, the server and client now both support adaptive packet sizes. This basically gives us a lot more breathing room when it comes to player load, with minimal effect on performance.

We also took this opportunity to remap parts of Timari sewers. This is the first of a number of changes in Timar. The overall goal here being to improve the experience for new players.

As always, a big "thank you" everybody who has given feedback over the last week or so... and for those who have been giving it for years before too!

Myth Entertainment


  • Hotbar now displays the hotkey assigned to each slot (instead of F1-12, as it was before)
  • Fixed tile-targeted ability offset when moving
  • Fixed inconsistencies with facing direction when moving and turning with Ctrl
  • Tweaks to WASD diagonal movement to make it feel less 'slidey'
  • Fixed hotkeys not working when holding WASD to move diagonally
  • Added a 'trade' button to NPC shops (no auto-stacking on this yet)
  • Fixed pasting of special characters
  • Fixed monster idle animation outlines
  • Fixed outline alignment on non-moving objects
  • Fixed offset on certain animated items when buying/selling to NPC (e.g. worms)
  • Fixed 'auto-looting' bug
  • Added noble account section in 'How to guide'
  • Updated client default settings
  • OpenGL is now the default client video driver


  • Added support for adaptive packet sizes. This gives us a lot more breathing room when it comes to player load.


  • Timar
    • Remapped parts of Timari sewers, making them more easy to navigate
    • Adjusted certain tutorial message prompts to appear more/less frequently depending on player's behaviour
  • Eastebb Orc Fortress
    • Sacrificial chambers quest updated to be considerably more challenging
  • Various minor map bugs fixed


  • Experience is no longer granted to party members if they (A) did no damage, and (B) aren't within visual range of the dying creature.


  • Adjusted the offset of certain ladders so that they're a little more user-friendly for players unfamiliar with the game


  • Beer bottle price updated to reflect that it is acutally a bottle
  • Steel gauntlets weight increased from 910 => 1200
  • Shield of Flames correctly renamed from 'emposian shield'
  • Arbalest attack value increased from 50 => 51
  • Felhur's warhammer sell price increased from 500 => 5000


  • Shrachlor's drain/self healing now deals true damage based on each target's current HP instead of an attack/defender combat calculation
  • Shrachlor's targeting now favours avatars with lower relative HP
  • Witch Rosice healing increased to make up for not always self healing when no target (this is happening because monsters 'sleep' when there isn't a player nearby, and Rosice's spawn is too far from shore)
  • Giant level increased more in line with it's new difficulty from 50 => 58
  • Giant experience increased more in line with it's new difficulty from 600 => 655
  • Grorus combat behaviour updated to be more in-line with Giants
  • Protectorate Knight healing when no target available increased by +100%
  • Volent Brod now heals properly when no target available


  • Wyvern
  • Mordrir


  • Quickshot
    • Reduced number of projectiles fired from Quickshot from 3 to 2 (still with 150ms delay between shots)


  • Harvest
    • Duration reduced 10s => 8s
    • HP/MP regen per damage tick reduced by -60%
    • Shield regen per damage tick reduced by -40%
    • Shield now degenerates after duration at a rate of -15% / s
  • Doom
    • Reduced debuff base amount from 25% => 22%
    • Increased debuff scaling with stats
  • Ensnare
    • Bonus damage is now dealt on the second tick (600ms) instead of first (300ms)
    • Reduced bonus tick damage (above) by -25%
On Steam
Noble Accounts!

2020 November 20th

Steam Release & Noble accounts

We're delighted to announce that it's finally here: Phobos is being released! We've added Noble accounts, an in-game store, and integrated Phobos into the Steam platform.

We considered various platforms and payment options to implement our Noble Account with. The decision to go with Steam was made because of the extra benefits that would come with integrating Phobos into the Steam platform:

  • Wide range of payment options - VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, PaySafeCard,, JCB, Skrill
  • Improved account security - Steam Guard/2FA
  • Safe and fast transactions - save
  • Faster login - no need to enter your username/password every time you login
  • Expanding our playerbase - 95 million active users
  • Easier account creation for new players - new accounts made through Steam are created automatically, without the need for username/password
  • Community boards to replace our aging forums
  • No more over-eager antivirus blocking the client from updating

To make the most of these benefits and to access the in-game store, you will need to link your Phobos account with a Steam account. Be warned however, that this is currently a one-way process; we will not currently support unlinking of accounts.

How to link your existing Phobos account with your Steam account:

  1. Install/open Steam, and login
  2. Open the Phobos client
  3. From the main menu, press Account and then Steam
  4. Enter your Phobos username/password, and press link to confirm

We also recommend that once you have linked your Phobos account with Steam, that you should play Phobos through the Steam-downloaded version of the game. This will mean that you don't need to enter your Phobos username/password every time you login. This will also solve issues that some users were having with over-zealous antivirus software incorrectly flagging Phobos as malicious.

How to play Phobos through Steam:

  1. Link your account with Steam (see above)
  2. Go to the Phobos Steam page
  3. Press the big green friendly "Play Game" button to add Phobos to your game library
  4. Download the Phobos client and play it through the Steam client

To celebrate release, we have also added a few new areas.

The most major of these is the new team PVP arena. Just as with our old PVP-enabled areas, there is no death loss when inside the arena, and free HP/MP elixirs are available. You will also now be able to train skills whilst inside the arena. Simply talk to a boat NPC in any major city to be transported to the PVP arena.

We also took this opportunity to do some minor updates to certain hunting areas, and added a lot of new quests. In particular our focus here has been to finish as many of the previously unfinished quests as possible.

For a full list of all changes as part of this update. Please see the changelog below.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us via email (, or on our Discord channel.

Myth Entertainment


  • The only benefit of this for players right now is access to the fast travel/boat system. But more Noble account features are on the way
  • All boats are therefore now Noble account only (the only exception is the use of boats to get to/from the new PVP arena)
  • Phobos accounts may now be linked to your Steam account, giving various benefits over the standalone client


  • Added a dedicated team PVP arena area with capture points
  • To win the game, you simply need to pull the 'win lever' on the enemy team's side of the map. However, this lever may only be used if your team controls all four capture points. Walk over all tiles around a point to capture or defend it. When a capture point is taken, it is recolored to show that which team controls it. Ground tiles also change color based on which team controls each point.
  • This will replace the previous PVP testing area in Queensbridge, which should no longer be PVP-enabled
  • There is no level requirement to join the arena. However, it is intended for experienced players. So only characters who have left the starting area of Timar are allowed.
  • Talk to the boat NPCs in any of the major towns/cities about transport to the arena.
  • No level or skill experience loss when dying in the arena
  • Skill training is allowed between players
  • Free 'PVP potions' are usable (interact with the potion statue in your team's zone to get these)


  • Various new quests added
  • Various old quests finished/updated (in most cases these can be completed again, even if you completed it before)
  • Spirit: the Lone Element is now accepted by Elder Librarian Zous
    • NOTE: Unfortunately this will only work with the new version of the book at the moment. The original quest id has been updated so that you will be able to complete it again.


  • New lever/pressure pad system introduced
  • Various minor map updates
  • NPC Thom Alingson now just handles promotions
  • NPC George and NPC Amicia are now accessible inside the Guilds of Learning building in Empo Sar. These two will now handle teaching players abilities, instead of Thom.
  • Dragon statues now contain water...


  • Fixed 'ornate gate' open/closed graphics
  • Fixed 'stone tile' border graphics
  • Quake Robe sprite updated
  • Protectorate Knight monster sprite graphical bug fixed


  • A temporary console command has been added to allow you to reset your avatar's attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom)
  • To do so, open the console and type: attributes reset
  • This will be available for at least one week
  • Your character must have full HP/MP in order to use this


  • Widescreen mode
    • We recommend that all players use this new client skin
    • Makes much better use of screen space on modern wider displays
    • It also includes HP/MP bars over your character
    • If you want to change back to the old one, you can do so via Settings -> General -> Widescreen (can't be done when logged in)
  • Added a black box behind tutorial messages to help readability
  • MP bar is now bluer, helping distinguish it from the HP bar
  • Client help panel content updated
  • Added a helpful "You are dead" message when you are dead
  • Updated various client disconnection/error messages to be more accurate and useful
  • Updated descriptions of what STR/DEX/WIS actually does for a character in the 'Increase Attributes panel'
  • Using an aimed ability on a stack of items in your inventory no longer pops up a split stack window (!)


  • Multiple potions can now be brewed at once by adding more vials/flask/bottles. The maximum number that may be crafted at one time depends on the number of ingredients in the recipe (amounts above 100 for any one ingredient are not supported)
  • Range in potion ingredients required for potions removed (for recipes that previously had ingredient count ranges, the minimum value is now uses)
  • Big thanks to Lans for taking on the tedious job of doing this


  • PVP elixirs may now only be used in the arena (instead of in any PVP-enabled area, as before)
  • Fixed bug with potion drinking delay not always displaying a status effect icon
  • Health Elixir
    • Instant HP restore reduced by -30%
    • Now grants bonus HP regen for 20s, stacking up to maximum of +10 MP/s (vial: +1 HP/s, flask: +2 HP/s, bottle: +3 HP/s)
  • Mana Elixir
    • Instant MP restore reduced by -30%
    • Now grants bonus MP regen for 20s, stacking up to maximum of +10 MP/s (vial: +1 MP/s, flask: +2 MP/s, bottle: +3 MP/s)
  • Quickboots
    • NPC buy price 400 => 4500
    • NPC sell price 100000 => 70000
  • Winged boots
    • NPC buy price 800 => 12000
    • NPC sell price 500000 => 200000
  • Boots of Haste
    • NPC buy price 5000 => 40000
    • NPC sell price 1200000 => 1000000
  • Stormwitch Hood
    • NPC buy price 500 => 5000
  • Urys' Firestone Amulet stats adjusted (yes, these are still meant to be different to the regular Firestone Amulet)
    • Destruction 15% => 8%
    • Magic Defense 15 => 12


  • Idle movement fixes on many monsters (moving around randomly when there's no target)
  • All bosses and many higher level monsters now gradually regenerate health when there is no target. Sorry not sorry, stairhoppers.
  • Giant
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Reduced magic defense by -10%
    • Adjusted the combat delay on ranged damage so that higher damage hits cause an equally longer combat delay
    • Increased damage from "SMASH" ability by +20%
    • Adjusted ability cooldowns slightly to increase randomness
    • Fixed bug that blocked movement pathfinding in certain scenarios
  • Mordrir
    • Is now accessible at the top of the Weeping Peak in Korlayra
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Total HP increased from 4000 => 8000
    • Physical defense increased by +25%
    • Magical defense increased by +25%
    • Damage increased by +10%
    • Self-healing now correctly occurs occasionally during combat
    • "CHOMP" damage increased by +15%
    • "CHOMP" life-steal increased by +30%
  • Sirl
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Maximum HP increased 800 => 1200
  • Nysandra
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Target selection behaviour adjusted
    • Added short cooldown to her high-damage poison ability, so that it doesn't get cancelled
    • Maximum HP increased 800 => 1100
  • Ferorn
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Maximum HP increased 600 => 900
    • Experience level 39 => 45
  • Witch Rosice
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Magic damage increased 10%
    • Healing increased +20%
    • Experience level 53 => 59
  • All spiders
    • Spider poison attacks now have long cooldowns (15-30s, depending on spider)
    • This will reduce the chance of new poison effects overriding existing ones (at least from the same spider)
    • The longer-term goal here is to implement support for poison to stack


  • Changes to loot in all these monsters:
    • Mordrir
    • Shrachlor
    • Sirl Imparo
    • Nysandra Celistriel
    • Ferorn Morphis
    • Orc Magus
    • Goblin Summoner
    • Witch Rosice
    • Witch Freia
    • Witch Keka
    • Witch
    • Giant


  • Swift Strike
    • Description of increasing damage by +15% amended to +20% to better represent the actual damage bonus
    • NOTE: This isn't strictly true; the current calculation is actually (damage * 1.15) + 8


  • Quickshot
    • Changed functionality: Now quickly shoots 3 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed.
    • No longer grants bonus damage
    • Cooldown increased 3s => 6s


  • Precision
    • Fixed bug that allowed the bonus damage to be dealt to targets that weren't actually attackable
  • Quickshot/Multishot
    • Fixed bug that turns you into a machine gun
    • Fixed server crashing bug caused by incomplete ammo check


    • Increased on-rupture damage by +25%
    • Note that this ability is also buffed by the change to Quickshot


  • Pillar of Fire
    • Area of effect increased from radius of 1 to 2
    • Outer tile damage reduced by -8%
  • Flash Frost
    • Movement speed debuff maximum increased from -40% to -50%


  • Harvest
    • Fixed bug which allowed Shaman to gain HP/MP, or huge shields, almost instantly
    • Reduced HP/MP regen (in addition to above bugfix) by -25%
    • Reduced amount of shield that harvest grants by -50%
Website & Login Issues

2020 October 20th

Website Down & Login Issues

Our webhost is currently suffering a major networking attack. We're assured that they are working on it. However, until this is sorted, our website may not be accessible, and you may have issues logging in.

To be clear on the in-game impact: this will only affect new connections to the server. So, if you are currently online, this will NOT affect in-game data or saving, because this data is stored separately.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we'll update you further as soon as things are back to normal.

Myth Entertainment
Internal Update
Server OS Update

2020 October 17th

Server OS Update

Server will be offline today between 13:00 and 14:00 UTC today whilst we install some OS updates.

Myth Entertainment

Minor Update
Items & Ability QOL

2020 August 1st

New Items & Ability Improvements

This patch brings in some overdue new items that we promised a few weeks ago, some further quality of life improvements to existing abilities, and an increase in minimum magic damage.

We updated most ring and amulet stats last patch. Now we're adding a few new ones too. These should plug the holes in equipment loadouts that a few classes suffered from (especially Wizards, Sorcerers, Marksmen, and Rangers). Since these items are important for balancing, they are all now being dropped by existing/accessible monsters.

We have also taken a closer look at the range of magic damage that players are doing, and decided that there was just too much variation in damage from any given ability. To fix this, we've increased the influence that wisdom and dexterity have on minimum damage. This means a significant increase in average damage for magic users.

As for individual ability adjustments, there's something for every class here. But most of our focus has been with Rogues, Marksmen, and Knights.

A few brave Rogues have made an effort to use throwing weapons, but mostly this is a very suboptimal strategy; until now! With this patch we changed the way the Barbarous Throw works, so that it can be used with throwing weapons directly from the quiver. Since this will give Rogues a lot more damage and utility (and they were in a good place before this update anyway), we have had to dial back a few other abilities with this patch.

Throwing knife from quiver

Marksmen have been in a tough position for a while now. We're hoping that our changes here should help out: with the addition of a new ring and improvements to the usability of Power Shot and Volley, along with increased damage of Cripple. And we'd really like to hear from Marksmen how they find these changes.

Knights have been a bit neglected in the last few balancing patches. And a lot of players' criticism of them has centred around the Enrage ability. It was intended as a way to give the Knight some serious bonus damage for a short time. But while it has some use in lower levels, it just didn't scale well into higher levels. This is because it's just too dangerous to fight groups of high-level monsters, so getting stacks just isn't possible. Also, even though it's a support spell, its effect didn't scale with support skill. With this patch, we aim to fix both these issues together. So, support skill now defines the duration and bonus of every Enrage stack. This means that the higher your support skill, the longer and stronger the buff you receive from it. It also means that with a higher support skill, you'll generate stacks much more quickly.

This will probably be the last balancing patch we make for a while, as our focus is currently on implementing Noble Accounts. But—as always—we are open to comments on our Discord channel.

Myth Entertainment


  • NEW: Stormwitch Ring (+10% nature, +10% destruction)
  • NEW: Sylvan Ring (+5% ranged, +7% nature, +7% support)
  • NEW: Deadeye Ring (+8% ranged, +10% hit chance)
  • NEW: Dragontooth Ring (+15% destruction, +5 magic defense)
  • NEW: Stormwitch Talisman (+6% nature, +6% destruction, +1% move speed, +10 magic defense)
  • Fixed missing stats on several items


  • Increased the influence of wisdom and dexterity on magic damage minimum. This will reduce the variation in magic damage at higher wis/dex levels.


  • Berserk
    • Killing a target with auto-attack now deals damage on all tiles around the caster (instead of the dead target)
  • Precision
    • Bonus damage now scales with support skill
  • Overdraw
    • Updated visuals


  • Fire Fist
    • Burning damage is now properly calculated from attacker/defender stats instead of being flat damage
  • Magic Shield
    • Updated visuals


  • Power Shot
    • Increased range of splash damage behind target by +1 tile
    • Added a brief delay before splash damage and animation is applied (since otherwise it looks weird to apply it before the projectile even reaches the primary target)
    • Splash damage increased by +25%
    • On hit damage reduced by -15%
    • Added visual effect to display which tiles are affected by splash damage
    • Calculation of tiles affected by splash damage improved
  • Cripple
    • Target bleeding damage increased by +25%
    • Target slow debuff reduced from -20% to -15%
    • Fixed bug allowing it to be stacked multiple times by the same character
  • Volley
    • Now shoots out a wide wave of projectiles in the direction of the targeted tile, dealing damage to the first target that each hits. If multiple projectiles hit the same target, they do less damage.


  • Smite
    • Is now cast as a toggleable spell; first use casts a melee hit onto the target under the mouse pointer, second use heals all squares around the caster based on damage dealt and caster Protection skill.
    • Slow effect removed on adjacent tiles


  • Charge
    • Bonus move speed now scales with support skill
    • Bonus damage now scales with support skill
    • Max duration now scales with support skill
  • Enrage
    • Stack duration now scales with support skill
    • Bonus damage per stack now scales with support skill


  • Barbarous Throw
    • Can now be cast with a throwing weapon in a hand, regardless of what's in the other hand, or even directly from the quiver
    • If pulling from the quiver the auto-attack is reset
    • Delayed bleed effect removed
    • On-hit damage increased by +7%
    • Mana cost reduced from 65 MP to 50 MP
  • Disembowel
    • On-hit damage reduced by -10%
    • Bleed damage reduced by -10%
  • Impale
    • On-hit damage reduced by -25%
    • Target defence debuff reduced from -30% to -25%


  • Barkskin
    • Calculated shield maximum value increased by +25%
    • Fixed bug in calculation that was causing it to ignore the Protection bonus of equipped items
    • Delay on shield replenishment on taking damage reduced from 3s to 2.5s
    • Blocked damage text (grey combat text) is now delayed by 250ms so that it's not hidden by the damage actually inflicted


  • Virulence
    • Updated visuals
  • Doom
    • Damage now scales with support skill
    • Debuff amounts now scale with support skill


  • Absorb
    • Grey shield combat text is now delayed by 250ms so that it's not hidden by the damage actually inflicted
    • A warning animation now plays around the caster two ticks before the ability runs out


  • Frost Wall
    • Increase wall duration from 1.5s to 2.5s
    • Fixed bug with LOS check on secondary wall tiles


  • Fixed bug with Lord Volent that was causing a crash when target unreachable
  • Corrected offset of various monsters
    • Frog
    • Gloptoad
    • Ostren
    • Toad
Minor Update
Potions & PVP

2020 May 16th

Potions, PVP, & Other Niggles

Potion cooldowns, free potions for PVP areas, tweaks and fixes to abilities, new stats for amulets and rings, and increases in skill learning rates. Basically a lot of minor tweaks and fixes!

This patch is very much a mismatch of many very minor changes and tweaks. So it's strongly recommend you check the changelog!

The main gameplay-affecting change with this patch though, will be an addition of cooldowns on potions. So, as of this patch, you can only drink one potion every 0.5s. We'll be monitoring this closely and look forward to your feedback on this change so that we can tweak it further, as necessary.

The PVP areas haven't been used much, partly because they're not very easy to get to, and partly because nobody wants to waste their precious 'lixirs. To help here, the location of the PVP area has now been changed to Queensbridge. This is a larger and more interesting space to test out PVP. We have also added some 'bottomless PVP elixirs'. As the name suggestions, these don't get used up, and can only be used in PVP areas. Most boat NPCs will also offer transport to Queensbridge; just ask them for the location "Queensbridge", or "pvp".

We've also tweaked the skill learning rates of certain skills. Magic skill learning has been given a global increase here. With the most major change being with support magic. The support skill isn't very highly prized; largely because many support abilities aren't affected by the caster's support skill (only 5 are, as of this patch). This is something we're improving every patch though. So whilst this change might not affect every class right now, it will become more important as more support abilities are updated to rely on the caster's support skill.

Rings and amulets have been given some love here too. With almost all now having useful stats. Note that a few new rings and amulets are on the way, too. So if you feel that your class doesn't have a suitable ring or amulet, we're aware, and we're working on it.

Myth Entertainment


  • Re-writing the way that we handle disconnections. This is intended to replace the timed shutdowns that have been happening recently.
  • Server OS updated to latest version


  • Potion drinking now has a cooldown of 0.5s
  • Mana granted from drinking any type of mana elixir increased by about +20% (mana values granted now match the health granted from health elixirs)
  • Mana elixirs are now blue, this better fits the coloring of text in-game when drinking a mana elixir
  • Elosia elixirs now give HP and MP
  • Elosia elixirs are now pink, matching their contents and distinguishing them more clearly from other potions
  • PVP HP and MP elixirs added to the Queensbridge PVP area. These are bottomless (they don't get used up) and grant the same amount of HP/MP as the normal HP/MP elixir bottles, but can only be used in PVP areas. Interact with the 'potion statues' in Queensbridge to get one of each.


  • The entire Queensbridge area is now PVP-enabled, instead of the Four Hearths Inn.
    • A few minor mapping adjustments have been made to accommodate this
    • Most boat NPCs now offer transport to the 'Queensbridge' PVP area
    • Be sure to collect the bottomless PVP elixirs from one of the 'potion statues' in Queensbridge


  • All classes: Skill learning rate increased (esp. Support)
  • Marksman: Archery/Firearms skill learning rate increased
  • Ranger: magic skill learning rate increased
  • Ranger: archery skill learning rate increased
  • Cleric: Sword/Polearm/Hammer skill learning rate increased
  • Cleric: magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Protection)
  • Shaman: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Nature, Support)
  • Wizard: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Destruction)
  • Sorcerer: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Nature, Destruction)


  • Precision
    • Per-shot mana cost reduced from 5MP to 3MP
  • Berserk
    • Shield defense debuff reduced from -60% to -50% (as is already stated in the spell description)


  • Pillar of Fire
    • Increased on-hit damage by +20%
    • Burning damage now based on a magical combat calculation between caster and each target, this damage will therefore be slightly higher for low-levels, and much higher for high-levels
  • Meteor
    • Increased damage + 10%
  • Lightning Bomb
    • Max damage increased by +25%
    • Outer tile damage proportion increased from 60% to 80% of central tile damage


  • Retribution
    • Fixed bug causing ability to deal bonus damage even to targets that hadn't been aggressors
    • Fixed bug that prevented triggering when damage is blocked (i.e. it's now triggered when using magic shield)


  • Virulence
    • Fixed bug that was causing damage to be dealt 2x faster than intended. This won't actually adjust total damage output from the spell, since damage was previously being dealt as intended.
    • Description mention of cooldown as 30s fixed to what it actually is (16s)


  • Tracker's Mark
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 50MP


  • Bloodlust
    • Maximum HP regen total now scales according to caster's Support skill
  • Disembowel
    • Bleed damage percentage of target max HP reduced from 1% to 0.8%
    • Duration extension by each auto-attack reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s


  • Retribution
    • Fixed bug causing ability to deal bonus damage even to targets that hadn't been aggressors
    • Fixed bug that prevented triggering when damage is blocked (i.e. it's now triggered when using magic shield)


  • Mirror Shield
    • No longer adds experience to skill pool


  • Dexterity and Strength equipment stat buffs from equipment now correctly apply to melee and distance attack calculations


  • Sentinel Ring (Diamond ring)
    • Renamed from "Diamond Ring"
    • Protection 0 => 9%
    • Support 0 => 7%
  • Ring of Might
    • Melee damage: 15% => 10%
  • Emerald Ring
    • Nature: 0 => 8%
    • Support: 0 => 10%
  • Nightstalker Ring
    • Move speed: 0 => 3%
    • Support: 0 => 10%
  • NOTE: Very soon will also be adding 3 new rings intended to help Rangers, Marksmen and Sorcerers


  • Protective Amulet
    • Protection: 0 => 8%
  • Firestone Amulet
    • Magic defense: 15% => 12%
    • Destructive: 15% => 5%
  • Basilisk Amulet
    • Magic defense: 0 => 12%
    • Nature: 0 => 5%
  • Phantask Amulet
    • Magic defense: 0 => 5%
    • Dexterity: 0 => +12
  • Rabbit Paw Amulet
    • Hit chance: 5% => 8%
  • Pendant of the Protectorate
    • Magic defense: 25% => 20%
    • Nature: -25% => -20%
  • Beastmaster Whistle
    • Support: 4% => 10%
  • NOTE: Very soon will also be adding a new amulet intended for Sorcerers


  • Fixed bug causing certain creatures to move weirdly and irratically in certain situations:
    • Witch Freia
    • Witch Rosice
    • Predator
    • Pisaura


  • Fixed a few minor mapping bugs


  • Corrected the offset of the various Witches
Minor Update
For Magic & Mana

2020 April 25th

For Magic & Mana

Some love for the mages. Specifically improving some of their issues with mana, survivability, and damage output.

Our recent spell update helped with many of the low- and mid-level issues that mages face. However, high-level mages have still found themselves in a really bad spot. In short: they take a lot of damage, but just aren't able to deal out enough themselves against higher-level creatures. This is largely because of some high magic defense stats on late-game creatures. This patch won't 100% fix eveything, but will move us in the right direction with these issues.

A special thanks to Lans in this patch. He suggested all the adjustments to creature magic defense present here. He also did a lot of testing, gave various other suggestions, and has just generally been a pain in my [Rob's] ass for the last couple of weeks. Good job!

Myth Entertainment


  • Improved server's handling of timers
  • Fixed invalid spell description length in Absorb spell scroll that was causing a server crash


  • Heal
    • No long fails if there's another creature on the same tile as the caster


  • Enrage
    • Description improved


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Final damage increase by +32%
    • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s
  • Tracker's Mark
    • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 30s


  • Reduced the impact of armor and defense skill on magic defense by -50%


  • Reduced the magic damage output of all magical creatures. This has been tuned to compensate for the reduction in magic defense calculation for physical classes. Magic classes will therefore take considerably less damage, and physical classes will take the same or slightly less damage.
    • Orc Magus damage output reduced by -25%
    • Witch damage output reduced by -25%
    • Witch Keka damage output reduced by -25%
    • Witch Freia damage output reduced by -25%
    • Witch Rosice damage output reduced by -25%
    • Sirl damage output reduced by -15%
    • Nysandra damage output reduced by -15%
    • Ferorn damage output reduced by -15%
    • Helina damage output reduced by -15%
    • Goblin Summoner damage output reduced by -15%
    • Goblin Witchmaster damage output reduced by -15%
  • Adjusted the magic defenses of various higher-level monsters, with a specific focus on magical monsters. Big thanks to Lans who provided all these suggested adjustments.
    • Ferorn Morphis magic defense reduced from 340 to 300
    • Sirl Imparo magic defense reduced from 330 to 300
    • Witch Freia magic defense reduced from 270 to 265
    • Nysandra Celistriel magic defense increased from 260 to 270
    • Archenaid magic defense reduced from 250 to 230
    • Helina Floretty magic defense reduced from 250 to 240
    • Lord Volent magic defense reduced from 230 to 220
    • Witch Keka magic defense reduced from 220 to 210
    • Witch magic defense reduced from 220 to 210
    • Grorus magic defense reduced from 200 to 180
    • Protectorate Knight magic defense increased from 190 to 200
    • Sal Cotton magic defense increased from 180 to 190
    • Mountain Troll magic defense increased from 130 to 150
    • Cave Troll magic defense increased from 130 to 140
    • Orc Legionnaire magic defense reduced from 130 to 120
    • Orc Savage magic defense reduced from 120 to 100
    • Quagwyrm magic defense increased from 100 to 110
    • Zombie Plaguebearer magic defense increased from 80 to 90
    • Forest Imp magic defense increased from 100 to 150
  • Snake loot adjusted so that they now occasionally drop 30cc
  • Mountain Troll crit ("GROORROOGH") delay increased from 1s to 1.5s


  • Increased the damage stats on a few archery items
    • Orcish Longbow attack increased from 29 to 30
    • Recurve Bow attack increased from 28 to 30
    • Longbow attack increased from 32 to 35
    • Deluthien Recurve Bow attack increased from 32 to 34
    • Warsong Composite Bow attack increased from 37 to 39
    • Whizened Bow (name also updated from previous of 'Treesinger Bow') increased from 37 to 38
    • Windsinger Bow attack increased from 39 to 42
    • Crossbow attack increased from 40 to 43
    • Cranked Crossbow attack increased from 41 to 43
  • Whizened Bow now has a Nature magic buff of +5%
  • Windsinger Bow now has a Nature magic buff of +7%
Minor Update
Post-Update Tweaking

2020 April 11th

Post-Update Tweaking II

A few more stability improvements, bug fixes and further tweaks based on player feedback. Keep those comments coming!

This minor patch includes some further stability improvements to the way that we handle connections to the server, and a few adjustments to some abilities that players have mentioned as problems.

We've noticed that much of the feedback focusses on issues that are probably best dealt with by implementing certain planned new features. So we're bumping up the priority of some of these new features as a result.

Thank you—once again—for all the feedback!

Myth Entertainment


  • Various improvements to the way that the server handles connections. This will help with some of the DOS issues that we've been having.


  • Lightning Bomb
    • Fixed server-crashing bug caused when casting ability and then


  • Restoration
    • Healing percentage based on target HP increased slightly
    • Target initial healing amount now uses the same calculation as subsequent heals (i.e. based on target missing HP)
    • Cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s (NOTE: the cooldown on this ability was previously incorrectly stated as 20s in-game)


  • Overdraw
    • Overdraw final damage formula adjusted so that the range of damage values narrows towards the maximum as the ability is charged up, ensuring much higher and more predictable damage


  • Riposte
    • Fixed bug where caster and target were getting the wrong speed buff (now caster gets speed buff and target the debuff)
Minor Update
Post-Update Tweaking

2020 March 29th

Post-Update Tweaking I

This will be the first batch of tweaks and fixes that we put out after the update last week. Thank you all for the feedback!

We rushed out a few critial patches in the week to deal with some new server-crashing bugs that the last update introduced. Our apologies to anyone who lost anything in the rollbacks that these crashes caused.

Here though we introduce our first set of tweaks, based on our observations and on your feedback. We really do rely on your feedback to know what's good and what's bad. Please check the changelog below for all changes, and stay tuned for more.

Myth Entertainment


  • Sprint
    • Movement speed buff increased from +20% to +25%
    • Duration increased from 5s to 6s
    • Cooldown reduced from 30s to 24s
  • Quickshot
    • Fixed bug that causes a crash when going out of range before the shot fires


  • Precision
    • No longer drains mana whilst active, the mana drain per hit is already enough
    • On-cast mana cost reduced from 40MP to 30MP
    • Bonus damage (based on target health) is now applied separately. This isn't the ideal solution, but does fix the issues with Quickshot without requiring a lot of very fragile code. We'll be looking to fix this in time, but it requires separating auto-attack calculations from other combat calculations.


  • Heal
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 60MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 8s to 6s
  • Fire Fist
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Increased 'hitbox' width of projectile
  • Magic Shield
    • Mana cost reduced from 70MP to 50MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 14s to 10s
  • Cursed Ground
    • Targets now suffer -15% magic defence for as long as they stay inside the area of effect
    • Cast range increased from 4sqm to 5sqm


  • Meteor
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 70MP
  • Pillar of Fire
    • Mana cost reduced from 70MP to 60M
  • Flash Frost
    • Slow magnitude increased by +50%
    • Slow duration increased from 2s per tick to 3s per tick (tick = once every 300ms of standing inside area)
    • Mana cost reduced from 60MP to 50MP


  • Absorb
    • Regen amount max per tick increased from 3MP to 5MP
    • Shield amount added per tick increased from +2% to +5%
    • Is now a Protection AND Destruction magic spell
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 70MP
  • Condemn
    • Max duration increased from 3s to 4s
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 80MP
  • Orb Pulse
    • Now adds experience to the skill pool as well as training when a target is hit on the first wave
    • Each orb will now individually stop if it hit a target on its path
    • When multiple orbs hit the same target in a single wave, one orb will now deal full damage, and following orb(s) will deal 50% damage
  • Retribution
    • Movement slow increased from -10% to -20%


  • Ensnare
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 70MP
  • Doom
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 60MP
  • Harvest
    • HP/MP/shield increase is now applied based on the damage inflicted (20%, adjusted by caster vs target level) whenever the caster damages a target


  • Restoration
    • Heal over time amount is now determined partly by the caster's stats
    • Fixed bug that prevented training in certain situations


  • Bloodlust
    • Healing is now provided in the form of increased HP regen, instead of instant healing
    • Health regen is increased by a maximum of 1 HP per second per auto-attack


  • Overdraw
    • Will now deal damage if immediately re-cast
    • Damage scaling factor with time increased by +35%


  • Fixed alignment of desk, as seen in Empo Sar merchant district harbour
  • Updated roe corpse graphic
Spells, spells, spells

2020 March 21st

Reworking All Class Abilities

Historically, it has been far too easy for us to argue that most of our balancing issues are caused by a lack of abilities. No longer! Introducing: 16 new abilities, and changes to almost all old abilities too.

This is a major update focussed mostly on spells. In fact, the entire set of player abilities has been reworked; this has been in the pipeline for a while, so we wanted to do it properly.

We approached this with three key goals in mind:

  • All classes should be viable to play
  • All classes need to feel different
  • Combat should be fun

As players know, these were all problems before this update. And these three goals will be at the forefront of our attention in the coming weeks as we welcome your feedback on these changes.

We have also finally implemented fast travel! This will eventually become a Noble (premium) account feature, but for now, it will available to all.

Finally, we were also able to go through some of your features requests, and our bug list to fix a good number of them. Unfortunately, the scale of the rework of abilities has meant that we have no meaningful content updates to give you. We do now have graphics for the new area though, and mapping is already underway.

As usual, please join in or start a conversation about any of this on our Discord channel.

Myth Entertainment


  • If you talk to many of the boat NPCs, they will now offer transportation to various locations
  • It'd be useful to us if you could give us feedback on prices, since they are likely to require some tweaking
  • Please keep in mind that this is planned as a Noble-account only feature in the future

ABILITIES (general)

  • All previously learnt character abilities have been unlearned (oh no!), replaced with all abilities available to your class (yasss!). If you start new characters or get promoted, you will of course still need to buy any new abilities, as before.
  • Reduced the price of all abilities to buy (tier 2 = 500c, tier 3 = 1000cc), previously spell pricing was rather arbitrary, and too pricey for new players who just wanted to get some abilities to make hunting less of a grind
  • All page/apprentice abilities are now available from the guilds in Timar


  • New ability: Sprint - Increased movement speed (+20%) for 5s. This spell is pre-learnt on new characters
  • Quickshot
    • Now behaves like an auto-attack with enhanced damage with a very short delay, it will therefore synergise correctly with auto-attack triggering abilities (e.g. Acute Frenzy)
    • Cooldown increased from 2s to 3s


  • Precision
    • Distance auto-attacks now deal bonus base damage based on the target's missing health (+1 damage per 5% missing HP)
    • Activation mana cost reduced from 60 MP to 40 MP
    • Added 5 MP drain per auto-attack shot
  • Overdraw (Double Shot)
    • Renamed "Double Shot" to "Overdraw"
    • Casting now starts charging up a distance attack against a target; the longer the ability is charged, the higher the damage on release (or after 3s)
    • Caster movement speed is reduced during charging (-15%)
  • Berserk
    • Melee auto-attacks now deal splash damage on either side of the target
    • No longer causes an increase in attack damage
    • Mana cost increased from 40 MP to 50 MP
  • Penetrating Strike (Power Strike)
    • Renamed "Power Strike" to "Penetrating Strike"
    • No longer deals splash damage
    • Base damage reduced by -20%
    • Now ignores 50% of target's armor and shield defense (or 25% of total monster defense)


  • New ability: Cursed Ground - Curse the ground around a targeted tile within 4 sqm, for 2s. Any creature that enters the area is dealt damage over time for as long as they remain inside it
  • Heal (Moderate Healing)
    • Renamed "Moderate Healing" to "Heal"
    • Average heal amount increased by +5%
    • Casting now also removes poison, burning, and bleeding timed effects
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 MP to 90 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 7.5s to 8s
  • Fire Fist
    • Converted into a tile-targeted ability, with a set range of 5 sqm, using the targeted tile to determine the direction that the projectile is fired
    • Now damages any enemies that the projectile passes through
    • On-hit damage reduced by -20%
  • Magic Shield
    • Now displays the blocked damage from incoming attacks as grey combat text
    • Cooldown reduced from 18s to 14s
  • Curse ability removed
  • Minor Healing ability removed
  • Antidote ability removed
  • Ice Shard ability removed


  • New ability: Enrage - For 4s, any damage to the caster adds a stack of enrage, increasing melee damage (+5%, max 50%), but reducing defence (-2%, max -20%) for 6s.
  • New ability: Riposte - The next melee attack against the caster within 3s is blocked. The blocked damage is dealt back to the aggressor, plus bonus damage, reducing the aggressor's movement speed (-15%) and granting the caster increased movement speed (+15%), for 1s.
  • Armament
    • Healing amount reduced from 33% to 25% of total HP
  • Charge
    • Now only available to Knight
    • Duration increased from 2.5s to 3s, but is cancelled if the caster attacks someone
    • First melee attack now has 100% hit chance
    • First melee attack damage increased by +25%
    • First melee attack now applies a -12% slow on the target for 2s
    • Mana cost increased from 35 to 50 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 14s to 20s
  • Heroic Strike
    • Target damage reduced by -20%
    • Facing direction damage reduced by -5%


  • New ability: Bloodlust - For 5s, every auto-attack by the caster heals the caster a portion of the inflicted damage (25%), and increases movement speed (+5%, max 50%) for 5s. Half the damage taken by the caster is deferred until after the effect is over.
  • Disembowel
    • Bleeding damage is now based on the caster's stats AND the target's maximum HP
    • Bleeding duration now increases by 0.5s for every auto-attack landed by the caster on the target for the first 5s after casting
    • Cooldown increased from 11s to 12s


  • New ability: Power Shot - Shoot a high damage projectile at a target. On hit, the projectile shatters into pieces, dealing splash damage to tiles behind the target.
  • Multishot
    • Now only available to Marksman
  • Acute Frenzy
    • Now only available to Marksman
    • Auto-attack hits now increase caster movement speed slightly (+2%) for 4s
  • Volley
    • Now cast on a target tile, instead of a target creature
  • Cripple (Crippling Shot)
    • Renamed "Crippling Shot" to "Cripple"
    • No longer increases the caster's move speed
    • No target to cast is now required and no damage is done on casting
    • Hitting a target with three unique damaging attacks in 2s, and within 6s of casting, will cripple the target's movement speed (-20%), cause bleeding, and cancel the ability
    • Mana cost reduced from 35 MP to 30 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 2s to 8s


  • New ability: Glacial Imbue - Imbue auto-attacks with ice crystals (-5 MP/shot), which remain embedded in the target and slow movement speed (-4%) for 6s. On deactivating the ability, cause embedded crystals to rupture, dealing damage per stack and removing the slow.
  • New ability: Shoot a projectile at a target tile, dealing damage along the projectile's path. If the ability is recast within 4s, the projectile is recalled, dealing damage along its path again and ignoring 50% of creature defences.
  • Barkskin
    • Shield amount now starts at 0% on casting
    • Shield percentage replenishes over time up to a maximum (fully replenishes in 3s)
    • Taking damage briefly delays shield replenishment
    • Shield percentage now reduces with every hit at a rate of -1% per 1 damage
    • Re-pressing the ability's hotkey will cancel the ability
    • Now displays the blocked damage from incoming attacks as grey combat text
    • Drains mana at rate of 2 MP/s, but only whilst the shield is replenishing
    • Mana cost to cast reduced from 55 to 50 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 14s to 20s
  • Static Shot
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Mana cost increased from 50MP to 60MP


  • New ability: Mirror Shield - For 4s, the caster blocks a percentage of all incoming damage (10-50%) and reflects that blocked damage onto the two tiles in the facing direction.
  • New ability: Dispel - Instantly removes any active negative timed effects from a target, including poison, bleeding, burning, curses, and any active movement speed buffs and debuffs.
  • New ability: Mark of Augur - For as long as the ability is active, damaging auto-attacks and abilities mark targets for 2s. Any damage dealt to a marked target consumes the mark to deal bonus magic damage.
  • Restoration
    • Now only available to Cleric
    • Now also grants healing over time, equal to 5% of the target's missing HP twice a second for 5s
    • Healing is cancelled if caster dies/logs out
    • Now grants the target immunity to poison, fire, and bleeding timed effects, for 5s
    • Mana cost reduced from 150 MP to 120 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 7.5 to 15s
    • Target speed buff increased from 8% to 10%


  • New ability: Channel Energy - For 3s, channel destructive energy towards a target. The closer the target, the higher the damage inflicted.
  • New ability: Orb Pulse - Shoot out 3 waves of destructive orbs in the direction of the targeted tile. Each orb that hits a a target deals damage and slows that target (-10%) for 2s.
      NOTE: Yes, we know the animation is ugly! It will be replaced, promise!
  • New ability: Retribution - For 6s, every attack against the caster slows the aggressor (-10%). The caster's attacks against aggressors apply additional damage (10-50% of triggering damage) after a brief delay.
  • Condemn
    • Can now be cancelled early (by re-pressing the hotkey), still dealing the same damage
    • The marked target now takes damage based on their current HP when moving for as long as the ability is active
    • Final damage now uses the standard damage formula, with a modifier added based on the target's missing health, instead of maximum health
    • Cooldown reduced from 25s to 20s
  • Absorb
    • Now only available to Wizard
    • Mana cost increased from 60MP to 90 MP
    • Duration reduced from 12s to 8s
    • Shield percentage damage reduction now starts at 20% on casting
    • Nearby enemies are now slowly drained of health, adding to the shield and granting the caster MP
    • Early cancellation (by re-pressing the hotkey) will dissipate its power onto surrounding sqm
  • Siphon ability removed


  • New ability: Harvest - For 10s, mark targets damaged by the caster. Each marked target that dies within that time grants the caster bonus HP/MP regen (+7/s, adjusted by level) for 5s. If the caster has full HP or MP, the regen is instead put into a magic shield.
  • Doom (Curse)
    • Renamed "Curse" to "Doom"
    • Defence debuff now affects physical AND magical damage
    • Now also reduces the target's movement speed (-30%)
    • Now also reduces damage output of the target (-30%)
  • Virulence
    • Now only available to Shaman
    • Damage output of targets hit is now reduced by -10%
    • Speed debuff reduced from -25% to -18%
    • Damage over time maximum duration decreased from 30s to 10s
    • Effects now last for the entire duration of the ability (except for infectiousness)
    • Now deals bonus base damage equal to 1% of the target's maximum health
    • When cast on a target that already has the effect will now replace the old effect with the new (previously this just wasn't allowed)
    • Secondary 'infection' targets now requires passing a line of sight check
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 16s
  • Swarm
    • Max damage reduced by -30%
    • Duration increased from 2s to 2.5s (but with a slightly slower ramp up/down to maximum damage)
    • If the current target dies, Swarm now transfers to the lowest HP creature within 1sqm, reseting the duration by 0.5s
  • Ensnare
    • Now a timed tile-damage effect with a duration of 2.5s
    • The movement slow on creatures will now stack as long as they remain inside the area of effect
    • Initial damage & slow is now delayed by 0.3s
    • Initial slow reduced from a maximum of -60% to -30%
    • Cooldown reduced from 25s to 24s


  • New ability: Lightning Bomb - After a 0.5s delay, conjure an orb of lightning energy on a tile. If any creature moves into the orb within 8s, it will explode, damaging tiles within 2 sqm.
  • Meteor
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Magic skill type is now destruction and nature
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Damage on the targeted tiles is now delayed by 1s
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 16s to 14s
  • Pillar of Fire
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Mana cost reduced from 80 to 70 MP
    • Updated animation
  • Flash Frost
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Cast on a target tile, instead of a target creature, and remains there for 2s
    • Applies a 2s slow and damage over time effect to any creatures on the tile
    • Affects 5 tiles in a row in a wall, the direction of which is determined according to the casting position relative to the caster
    • Cooldown increased from 12s to 16s
    • Slow increased from -25% to -30%
    • Mana cost increased from 50 MP to 60 MP


  • Various minor map bug fixes
  • Added an 'escape' route out of Empo Sar Harbour District via the city walls, for people without a key
  • Added a more direct path between Empo Sar and Tirapeth
  • Horizontal wooden beams above a doorway should no longer clip when a creature walks through it. Note that this won't fix all doorways, just open ones with wooden beams.
  • Ground tiles added under quagwyrms in Eastebb, which should now make them targetable by tile-cast spells (please report any exceptions)


  • Backpacks open on logout are now remembered and automatically opened on next login
  • Various minor item bug fixes
  • Item stats are now only applied if worn in the appropriate equipment slot (e.g. A helmet will only provide armor stats if in the head equipment slot)
  • Increased the max amount of food that can be consumed before full (and therefore also the max duration) from 10 minutes to 15 minutes


  • Zombie Plaguebearer's disease aura now requires a line of sight check with each target
  • Witch bug fixed that causing her to fail to attack or follow in certain locations
  • Protectorate Knight average attack speed reduced by -25%
  • Protectorate Knight base damage reduced by 5%, but crit ("GRRAGH!") damage increased by 5%


  • Fixed logic bug causing crash when someone disconnects while there's still data on the network
  • Fixed assertion bug causing crash due to not considering certain specific combat scenarios
  • Secured internal connections to improve protections against malicious users connecting from outside of the server
  • Server OS patched to latest version


  • Using a ladder when sitting down now causes the character to stand up
  • Taking damage when sitting down now causes your character to stand up
DOS Attack Response

2020 January 23rd

DOS Attack Response

For the last year or so, we have suffered numerous DOS attacks on the server, causing crashes and rollbacks. This isn't OK. Let us explain what we're doing about it, and how we'll reduce the damage it causes.

The server has suffered numerous Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks over the past year or so. We have attempted to counter these in various ways, with limited success.

These attacks cause crashes and rollbacks. This means lost items, skills, and levels, and wasted time for players. It also means a chance of logging back into a hostile area with a full respawn. This isn't OK.

There is still more that we aim to do on the technical side. But with this minor patch, our tact is different; we're reducing the impact on players that a crash from a DOS attack can have. The DOS attacks that affect us do not instantly knock out the server, but build up over time to cause a crash.

This means that we can identify these DOS attacks some time before it is actually going to cause a crash. So, with this patch, the server will now analyse traffic in order to identify DOS attacks. If it identifies one, it will cause the server to save all online characters, and start a 40s countdown to restart the server. This should allow online players an opportunity to find somewhere relatively safe to logout.

We will also be introducing some related quality of life features in the next patch, including saving all open backpacks on a logout, and automatically opening them on the next login. So, again, if you're unlucky enough to be online when a DOS attack causes a crash, this should give you more of a chance to survive logging back into a dangerous location.

Myth Entertainment
Stability Improvements

2019 September 14th

Stability Improvements

There are few things more frustrating for players than crashes and freezes. So breathe a sigh of relief; we have now fixed the issue that has been causing all the recent freezes! Hurray!

A couple of weeks ago we fixed a logic bug that caused crashes when someone disconnects while there was still data on the network. Today, more good news for stability: we've fixed the cause of the recent freezes!

The cause of the freezes turned out to be the way that we handle disconnections. If a player lost connection to the server and didn't try to rejoin, then their character just stayed in the world. The server just keeps trying to send data to the 'disconnected' character, but when it can't, it just fills up a buffer with that data. After a few minutes, this buffer fills up, and that results in a long freeze.

So our fixes for this are twofold:

  • Prevent freezes in cases where the buffers are full
  • When a player loses connection, the server now waits 4s before forcing them to logout

We chose a 4s delay before auto-logging out players because there's a delicate balance needed here. We want to avoid unnecessary player deaths as much as possible, without disconnecting people every time their wifi drops for a second, especially for players on slow connections. We also have to consider the potential for abuse. So 4s seemed like a good starting point.

We'll be looking to you players for feedback on its adjustment. So please do join us on our Discord channel, to discuss this with us and other players.

Myth Entertainment
Balancing Patch
Mages Need Love Too

2019 July 21st

Magicians Need Love Too

Mages have had a hard time until recently. This update should bring some extra well-needed TLC for mage players. Namely, faster skill learning, and reductions in monster movement speed and monster defence.

The speed of skill progression has been intentionally been set very low during Phobos beta. However, with this patch you'll find that the rate of skill advances has been increased somewhat. Hurray! This will particularly affect the progression of magic skills, but will also have an impact on lower level physical combat users.

Monster movement speeds have also been given an overhaul, with almost all monsters' movement speed getting reduced by about 10%. The hope being that this gives mages a slightly easier time when kiting. We'd be interested to hear how much of an impact this change makes, so please let us know on the forums or Discord.

In addition, we've reduced the magical defence stats of many higher-level monsters. You told us that this was a problem; so hopefully these changes should improve things.

Finally, various abilities have been given some tweaks. Siphon in particular, was overpowered in its previous form. It's still a very useful ability, but we've dialled it back slightly. It was meant to be risk-reward, but before it was mainly just reward.

Static Shot has also been given a tweak here; raising its base damage but increasing its cooldown. It still provides the same slow, but now has a bit more 'oompph', so that it's not just thought of as a utility ability.

Myth Entertainment


  • Added more server-side logging for when certain crashes occur


  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make physical skill learning slightly faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 60)
  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make magic skill learning considerably faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 65)


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Skull totem is no longer moveable


  • Static Shot damage increased by about 20-30% (depending on when damage is inflicted and number of targets)
  • Static Shot cooldown increased from 5s to 8s
  • Siphon replenished mana is now calculated based on base monster experience instead of level. This will only change the behaviour of this ability on certain special monsters that have much less experience than their level would usually provide (e.g. Sirl 'clones')
  • Siphon now only refunds half the mana worth of the ability (25 MP) instead of the entire amount, if the ability kills the target
  • Siphon now gives additional mana equal to 3x the level of the targeted monster, instead of 2x, if the ability kills the target (actually it did this anyway and the ability's description was wrong)
  • Siphon cooldown increased from 10s to 12s
  • Condemn description of cooldown corrected
  • Light ability now gives off a larger and much brighter light


  • Reduced base movement speed of (almost) all monsters by at least -10%
  • Orc Hunter HP increased from 320 to 480
  • Orc Hunter movement speed increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter magic and physical defence increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter damage increased (especially distance)
  • Orc Hunter poison chance lowered, but will always proc on their first hit (which means more damage from poison)
  • Orc Hunter will no longer try to maintain distance between you, unless on low HP
  • Sirl Imparo magic defence reduced from 380 to 330
  • Sirl Imparo Clone magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Ferorn Morphis physical defence increased from 220 to 260
  • Ferorn Morphis magic defence reduced from 370 to 340
  • Witch Freia magic defence reduced from 370 to 320
  • Witch Rosice magic defence reduced from 350 to 300
  • Witch Keka magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch physical defence increased from 160 to 180
  • Helina Floretty max HP increased from 480 to 560
  • Helina Floretty magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Lord Volent magic defence reduced from 270 to 230
  • Protectorate Knight magic defence reduced from 250 to 190
  • Gloptoad Vomit given an 'invincible' flag, this will prevent most training on it (this is a temporary fix)
  • Wiralof attack speed reduced by -11%
  • Wiralof attack damage reduced by -6%
Post-Update Tweaking

2019 July 11th

Post-Update Tweaking

Stability improvements to prevent crashes. Map bug fixes. And various other minor adjustments all now live on the public server.

Thank you all for the feedback over the last few days, and thank you in advance for discussions we are yet to have! We've had various minor patches over the last few days that have been combined into one here.

Myth Entertainment


  • Fixed issue with blood splatters dropping on top of other map object layers
  • Fixed issue which caused a crash when trading between players
  • Fixed issue behind most of the DOS-based crashes. This has been the cause of 90% of the crashes on the server in the last few weeks. Rejoice if this fix works. If not, we'll have to implement something more drastic.


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Made path north of Queensbridge to PvP testing area at The Four Hearths Inn
  • Started to add some extra paths in Eastebb marshes. The idea with the marshes is that you should be able to pretty much just walk roughly in the direction you want to and you'll get there. So if you're in the centre of Eastebb and you want to go to trolls, just walk northwards.


  • Increased base damage of power strike splash damage


  • Witch HP increased by 100
  • Witch magical and physical defence increased by 10%
  • Witch boss healing rate fixed
  • Witch boss attack speed increased (further changes will be coming!)


  • Increased restock rate of bank NPC currency
  • Added ammunition to NPC Flynn Silvr in Drifton
Summer Update
Eastward To The Sea

2019 July 6th

Eastward To The Sea

It has been a while, but a content update is finally here! With this update we bring you the wide drowned river basin of Eastebb, the small settlement of Driftop, new abilities, new monsters, bug fixes, and more!

The wide drowned river basin of Eastebb is the described by some as the drain of Aerath. Its putrid waters are home to a number of slimy creatures, including frogs, swamp trolls, gloptoads, and even witches. The wardens of Eastebb also warn of recent sightings of orcs in the area, but it is unclear how much of a threat they currently pose.

A small settlement called Driftop perches precariously on the south-western edge of this wide expanse of swampland. Once purely a military encampment, Driftop now acts as the southern gateway into and out of Eastebb.

Alternate Text

There are new abilities for Wizard, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer and Knight, along with adjustments to several existing abilities. Together these should help some of the most major class balancing issues that we have had in the past.

Myth Entertainment


  • New area: Eastebb
  • New town: Driftop (previously referred to as Tereth)
  • Two PvP testing areas have been added. The main one at The Fourth Hearth Inn, which you can find north of Queensbridge. Death loss is currently disabled for any players who die INSIDE a PvP area. Note that this is specific to location, NOT whether it was a monster or player that killed you! And keep in mind that player damage over timer abilities (e.g. Virulence) are NOT cancelled on entering a non-PvP area.
  • Minor adjustments to a few boss/quest areas (incl. Ferorn, Emposian Shield quest)
  • Old references to the small village of "Wellwatch" in North Milthorn have been changed to "Queensbridge"
  • Lots of map bug fixes


  • New ability icons - not all of them are perfect matches for their ability, but no abilities should ever share icons anymore; please report any that do
  • New ability: Siphon (Wizard) - Inflict high magical damage on a target within 3 sqm. If the ability kills the target then the caster is refunded the MP cost of the ability, plus MP equal to 2 * target level
  • New ability: Static Shot (Ranger) - Imbue a projectile with a static charge, dealing instant damage and slowing the target's movement (-15%) for 1s. For 1.5s after the spell is cast, the static may be discharged onto one or more characters on adjacent squares
  • New ability: Impale (Rogue) - Impale a single target within 2 sqm, dealing moderate damage, severely restricting their movement (-50%), and reducing their physical defence (-30%) for 2.5s
  • New ability: Swarm (Shaman) - Conjure up a swarm of insects to surround and attack a single target for several seconds, dealing physical damage
  • New ability: Heroic Strike (Knight) - Deal high damage to a single target and additional—but lesser—damage to all three sqm in the facing direction
  • New ability: Armament (Knight) - Adopt a defensive posture for 10s, boosting your physical and magical defences (+30%), but at the cost of attack damage (-10%), attack speed (-20%) and movement speed (-10%). For the last 3s of the ability, quickly recoup 33% of your total health.
  • New ability: Meteor (Sorcerer) - Call a meteor into existence above a targeted area, where it falls and explodes on impact. NOTE: In future, there will be a short delay before the impact, allowing the damage to be avoided/mitigated, but this is not yet properly supported.
  • "Fury" renamed "Berserk". this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour, and removes potential future confusion with a future-planned spell: Enrage
  • Berserk (Fury) defence debuff reduced from -60% to -50%
  • Berserk (Fury) now deals moderate—but low-scaling—instant damage on all squares around the caster on activation
  • Berserk (Fury) movement speed buff increased from 5% to 10%
  • Deflect now provides an extra defence bonus (+25%) on casting, in addition to its existing bonus dodge chance (+50%), but both of these are reduced by half with every subsequent melee or distance hit received, and removed after 5s
  • Deflect mana cost increased from 25 to 40 MP
  • Deflect cooldown increased from 16s to 20s
  • Tracker's Mark will now also reduce the target's physical and magical defence by 15% for 15 seconds
  • "Crippling Strike" renamed "Power Strike" (wow, original!), this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) now deals splash damage to adjacent tiles at a rate of about 10%
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) no longer applies a movement speed debuff
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) mana cost increased from 30 to 40 MP
  • Swift Strike cooldown increased from 2s to 4s, and mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Quickshot mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Crippling shot cooldown increased from 2s to 4s
  • Smite now causes a brief and minor slow on tiles adjacent to the target (but not on the target)
  • Condemn minimum damage increased from 0 to 12-24
  • Condemn cooldown increased from 16s to 23s
  • Flurry movement speed buff increased from 8% to 12%
  • Flurry cooldown duration increased from 9s to 10s
  • Elemental Missile damage reduced by 10% to account for change in magical item stats (since it uses both destructive and nature magic and so receives considerable percentage buffs from multiple item stats)
  • Fire Fist now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Fire Fist instant damage increased by 20%
  • Fire Fist range decreased to 5 sqm
  • Magic Shield ability now works properly when cast on other players
  • "Fire Aura" renamed "Pillar of Fire", this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) must now be cast on a tile, instead of being auto-cast on self
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) cooldown increased from 5s to 10s
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 MP
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Ensnare is now cast on a tile, instead of on a target
  • Ensnare area of effect is now larger, with a diameter of 5 sqm instead of 3 sqm, and the highest damage/slow values applied at the central (targeted) tile
  • Ensnare slow effect maximum duration (centre tile) reduced from 4s to 3s, but damage and slow effect on outer tiles increased slightly
  • Ensnare mana cost increased from 70 to 80 MP


  • New monsters
  • New bosses
  • Giant now has a ranged "rock throw" ability which it will use if it can't reach the targeted player
  • Zombie Plaguebearer poison aura damage reduced by 20% (it's still brutal though)
  • Warg no longer flees on low HP
  • Orc Beastmaster healing against melee reduced, but increased when in ranged combat


  • Magical stats on items now act as percentage damage modifiers
  • Magical stats on wand items reduced considerably
  • 2H melee weapon auto-attacks will now train melee skills twice as fast as 1H'ers. This will help to make up for the reduced auto-attack speed and defence skill learning when using a 2H weapon. Specifically, this means that a blocked/missed 2H auto-attack hit will grant 200 skill exp (previously 100), and a damaging 2H auto-attack hit will grant 400 skill exp (previously 200)
  • Added bullets to shops in all major settlements
  • Various minor adjustments to bow stats
  • Flavour-text added to a few more items


  • Server upgraded from 32bit to 64bit. This allows us to run a more modern version of the C# runtime (one actually supported by Microsoft), and so to make use of the benefits in support that entails. We don't anticipate that this will create any new issues, but it is certainly possible., and we'll be available and monitoring the server to deal with issues as they arise. Please report any crashes—and exactly what you were doing at the time—to us as soon as they occur, either via Discord or the official forums.

2019 July 6th

New Website & Forums

The website and forums have undergone a major design update over the last few weeks. They have been gradually falling apart for the last few years—so we're sure you'll agree—this is a well-needed change.

Those of you who have been having issues with certain user administrative actions (e.g. password reset) should now find that those issues are solved. But please do get in touch if you continue to have any issues.

We will continue to make various style and design changes over the following weeks. So if you come across anything on the new forums that doesn't work or otherwise doesn't quite seem right, let us know by replying here, or via our Discord channel.

Myth Entertainment