Privacy  Policy

This privacy policy details the data that we at Myth Entertainment collect and the purposes for which it is collected, processed and used. In order to use any Phobos services, you must acknowledge this policy and agree to its terms. In doing so you state that you are either of full legal consenting age in your respective location, or that a parent or legal guardian is providing their explicit acceptance of this agreement on your behalf.

“Phobos services” includes any use of the Phobos video game and any other game, application, website, forum, any form of communication or correspondence with Phobos staff or Myth Entertainment staff, or any other product or service provided by Myth Entertainment that is officially recognised as being related to Phobos.
  • WE COLLECT DATA. Data may be explicitly provided by the user (e.g. email address when registering an account), willingly provided when making use of Phobos services (e.g. IP address when connecting to Phobos services), or automatically collected (e.g. website cookies).
  • PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT. In order to maintain Phobos as a functional and secure service, we must collect and process certain personal data. Specifically this includes: name, age, email addresses, usernames, passwords, IP addresses, and payment information (if relevant). We do not share any of these data with third-parties, except where otherwise stated in this policy.
  • NON-PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT. We log user account and character data (including character name, stats, held items, online status, in-game location, rule violation history), and usage data. We monitor and analyse user traffic on Phobos services. In doing so, we may collect other data, such as browser, operating system, internet service provider, along with logging the pages and time that you visited each page. These data, whilst not inherently personal, could be combined with other data from an external source in order to identify a person as the user of the account.
  • HOW WE PROCESS & USE DATA. We process user account and usage data in order to provide Phobos services and perform the terms of use, to help optimise and improve Phobos, and to ensure adherence with the Phobos rules and policies.
    We may process and publish character data (including character name, stats, held items, online status, in-game location, rule violation history) via the game by itself, the official website and public APIs. We believe that publicising this information is an essential part of community development and enhances the individual and overall player experience.
    We reserve the right to monitor communication across Phobos services, such as in-game public chat channels, as, when and for as long as we deem necessary, and to collect and process communication data from these services. We may log passages that are pertinent to rule enforcement, terms of service adherence, and to our nurturing of a cordial game environment.
    Users may subscribe and unsubscribe to receive marketing emails, such as notifying players of an update or an upcoming event, via an option in their account settings in the in-game client, or on the official website. We may process user account data in order to target these emails to players who are most likely interested in them.
    Users will still receive non-promotional and account-critical emails, such as those required to create an account, processing payments, responding to enquiries, and security notices such as those relating to suspicious account activity. In addition, given that Phobos is currently in beta development, all existing Phobos account holders will receive a notifying email on full public release.
    To ensure that we are able to provide and improve Phobos as a service, we collect personal data relating to any support requests, complaints or other communications that we receive. This includes any identifiers provided by the user(s) in question (email address, username, Discord username, etc.), and the content of any communications. We may further process said content for support and staff training purposes, and anonymised extracts of said content may be shared publicly for purposes of player information.
  • DATA SHARING EXCEPTIONS. Any relevant data may be passed on to law enforcement authorities in instances of suspected criminal activity involving that user.
  • RIGHT TO ACCESS, RECTIFICATION OR REMOVAL OF ACCOUNT DATA. To request access, rectification or deletion of your data, you should contact us via email at You will be required to satisfactorily prove ownership of the account in question. Deletion requests will only be accepted if the data in question is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, as such, data associated with banned accounts and users may not be eligible for deletion. All accepted requests will be actioned within 28 days.
  • CONCERNS & COMPLAINTS. Any concerns or complaints should be directed to us via email at:
  • POLICY CHANGES. MMyth Entertainment reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Any changes to this privacy policy will be announced via the official website at

Any concerns regarding the privacy policy should be directed towards our support team at
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